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Welcome to 2014 Deanna,

I hope you rested up over the holidays cause the next few months in Vancouver are a non-stop live performance festivals. Brace yourself for: I'll give you my picks, but take a risk and just go see some art.

The Flame, January 8

7:00-9:00 pm, doors 6:30pm
Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main St
By donation

What is it:

A grassroots storytelling series where people share stories in front of a live audience on the first Wednesday of every month. All stories are true, about the storyteller and told in 8 minutes or less.

Why I recommend it:

Storytelling nights are huge entertainment in many other cities. Here we have Raincity Chronicles and The Flame. Being told stories on a cold winters night will warm your soul and connect you with others.

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coalesce & armour – an audio action tour, January 8-11

8:00 pm
Firehall Arts Centre

What is it:

This is dance show by Peggy Baker. coalesce and armour are companion pieces inspired by the scientific essays of Lewis Thomas in his 70’s classic The Lives of a Cell, and performed to an electro-acoustic score by Debashis Sinha. The Audio Action Tour follows an unique two-act format which features presentations by Peggy Baker and the dancers on the methods and inspiration behind the choreographies in act one, followed by a fully-staged performance in act two.

Why I recommend it:

Peggy Baker is a Canadian dance icon and an incredibly interesting thinker on dance. As a dance teacher she has formed many a dance artist. As a choreographer she uses shape, repetition and tempo in a technical, interesting and contemporary way. I'm also very interested to see how the two acts play out.

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PuSh Festival, January 14 - February 2

Various locations, times and prices

What is it:

The PuSh Festival is a curated, multidisciplinary, international performance festival. At this festival you can expect to see the who-is-who of Vancouver and Canada's live performance scenes and work that pushes some sort of boundary. I'm never disappointed with a PuSh show as there is always something innovative, interesting and unusual, whether it is my esthetic or not.

What I recommend it:


Danse Lhasa Danse (January 18) Featuring music from a beloved musician from my youth, Lhasa, this piece honours her life through live performance of music and contemporary as well as flamenco dance. Watch. Listen.

Usually Beauty Fails (January 28-30) Again featuring live music, the clips of this piece show raw, fast movement and tight partner work. Plus it warns of nudity. Watch.


Coastal Sounds (January 18) Award winning youth choir with members ages 15 to 22, Coastal Sounds Youth Choir performing with Woodpigeon. It will be beautiful.

Mixtape (January 27-28) Music on Main's PuSh contribution brings Gabriel Kahane  and Timo Andres from Brooklyn for an evening of having you wonder if it is pop or classical music. Don't miss this one. It's the kind of thing that people will talk about years later. Listen.

THEATRE (with help from Joyce Rosario)

Two by Gob Squad Arts Collective
  • Super Night Shot (January 14) a multi screen film in which the city becomes a film set for a fantastical mission. The movie is filmed exactly 60 minutes before you come to watch it.
  • Gob Squad’s Kitchen (January 16-18) They take Andy Warhol's film Kitchen, as their starting point and set themselves the task of reconstructing it as a theatrical experience with live recreations of scenes spliced with other Warhol celluloid adventures from Eat, Sleep and Screen Test.
A Brimful of Asha (January 16 - February 8) Real-life mother and son, Asha and Ravi Jain, share the stage to tell this true story of generational and cultural clash.


Tucked & Plucked: Vancouver's Drag Herstory Live Onstage (January 24) If you don't know about Vancouver's drag history - go to this show. If you have never been to a drag show - go to this show. If you have been to a drag show - go to this show. Co-hosted by real-life drag husbands the Queen of East Van Isolde N. Barron and the Baddest Bitch Peach Cobblah, and featuring special guests from Vancouver’s drag community, you must go to this show!

Nanook of the North (January 31-February 1) Canadian singer Tanya Tagaq creates a mesmerizing, original soundscape for Nanook of the North, perhaps the most famous (and perhaps most infamous) film ever made about indigenous people, filmed in 1922 in the Arctic. Watch.

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