Newsletter n°13 | April 2016


Mamadou Lamine LOUM

Chairman of the Board of Teranga Capital, Administrator of the fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs
Former Prime Minister of Senegal (1998-2000) 


“I am personally convinced that African entrepreneurs have a decisive role to play in the economy and development of the continent. By demonstrating that it is possible to succeed, that is possible to create jobs and opportunities for their communities, we can assert that entrepreneurs are key players of African civil society.”
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Launch of the first funds sponsored by IPDEV2, with new financing solutions for small enterprises in Burkina Faso and Senegal
Standing as new players in the financing of small and growing businesses in their respective countries, Burkina Faso and Senegal, the funds Sinergi Burkina and Teranga Capital have been officially launched in February and March this year. Their objective: finance and support emerging entrepreneurs in the implementation of their projects.
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What's New at I&P ?

â–º  Afic's Club Afrique was officially launched on March 23, in presence of Hervé Schricke, President of the Club and I&P advisor.

Portrait of Entrepreneur

Catherine Krobo-Edusei
Founder and Director of Eden Tree in Ghana

Catherine Krobo-Edusei is the founder and managing director of Eden Tree, a Ghanaian company specialized in the production and marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables. She started the company in 1997, on her return to Ghana from the UK, where she worked in the banking sector for ten years.
She is nationally recognized in Ghana as a strong promoter of women in business and received the 2013 national award from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Ghana for “outstanding contribution towards nation-building”.


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News of our Partners


    Conergies in Ivory Coast has set up the cold storage system of the first Carrefour shipping center in West Africa. Read more


    ACEP Burkina has opened a new agency last December in Koudougou. The agency already counts about 130 clients at the end of 2016 first quarter. Read more


    Delta irrigation participated to the agro-industry international fair of Dakar (SIAGRO), which  aims to foster the agricultural sector in Senegal. Read more

â–º The Senegalese clinic NEST organized, from February 23 to 27, an awareness campaign on cervical cancer, in partnership with a local NGO.

Sofamac, a company specialized in the production of terracotta tiles and bricks, participated to the first Senegalese international Housing & Construction Exhibition & Conference, hold from March 3 to 5 in Dakar. Read more

Investments & Exits

The Madagascan company Ultramaille joined the portfolio I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs. The company is specialized in the manufacture of knitted sweaters, sold to the medium and high end of the European market.

Intelligence & Analysis

Focus on Social Protection in Africa

According to the UN, 80% of the world’s population does not have social guarantees that would allow them to face the risks of life and get out of the intergenerational cycle of poverty. And yet social protection is widely aknowledged as an efficient tool to fight against poverty and promote economic growth, as underlined by the French Development Agency.

Access to social protection in Africa remains very limited. This is largely explained by the predominance of the informal sector, which exludes the workers and their families to any king of social protection.

I&P has recently implemented a specific support program on health insurance issues for the companies of IPAE portfolio, with the financial and operational contribution of Proparco. With this program, I&P strengthens one of its key ESG priorities
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Plunge in global commodity prices: what consequences for Sub-Saharan Africa?  

The World Bank recently underlined a deceleration of African economic growth, in a context of falling commodity prices and continuing weakness in global growth. The report ''Africa Pulse'' forecasts that average growth in the region will remain subdued at 3.3% in 2016.

We observe however strong disparities within the continent. Some countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania or Ivory Coast, continue to record a strong growth, above 6%.

To read more on this subject, download I&P summary presentation, made with our advisor on macro-economic issues Pierre Ewenzyk.
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In The Press

â–º  The platform Inclusive Business Accelerator published an interview of E. Debled, who explains the investment model of I&P. Read the interview

â–º The launch events of the funds Sinergi Burkina and Teranga Capital were well covered by international and national media, such as the video report of RTS in Dakar

â–º  Jeune Afrique published an article on private equity and the health sector in Africa, with the contribution of J. Hajdenberg. Read the article

â–º  O. Lafourcade wrote an article for the blog  Investir &+, exploring the link between new technology and development on the African continent. Read the article


â–º J.-M. Severino will participate to the Global Private Equity Conference, organized by EMPEA and IFC (May 9, Washington DC)

â–º The African Club of Entrepreneurs will be officially launched on June 2 in Abidjan, in presence of J.-M. Severino and the five entrepreneurs members of the Executive Board.

â–º J.-P. Aubertel will participate to the Africa Energy Forum (June 22-24, London)

â–º J.-M. Severino has contributed to a MOOC on Impact Investing launched by the French business School ESSEC. The course will be online soon on the platform Coursera.

Investiseurs & Partenaires (I&P) is an impact investing group dedicated to the development of the African continent. I&P has invested in almost 60 small and medium-size companies across 15 countries. I&P brings long-term financing (ranging from €30k to €1.5m) as well as strategic, managerial and technical support to its investees.
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