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In the Press

Interview of J.-M. Severino in Le Point Afrique: "African entrepreneurs are everyday heroes''. Read the interview (in French)

E. Nocquet, ESG & Impact Director, analyses I&P's experience on CSR issue in the publication "Private Sector and Development" published by the French DFI PROPARCO. Read the article

Forbes Afrique publishes the last reports of the project Small is Powerful on CDS (Mauritania) and Wecyclers (Nigeria). Find out More

Read the contributions of H. Vincent-Genod on the blogs VC4A (Venture Capital for Africa) : ‘’Performing due diligence on startups in Africa’’ and Business Fights Poverty : ‘Attracting African Capital to invest in African Small and Growing Businesses


I&P News

I&P publishes the 3rd annual ESG and Impact Reporting of its portfolio IPAE. Find out More

I&P renewed its membership  to the GIIN, the ANDE and EVPA for this year

I&P welcomed a site visit organized by the EVPA to present its impact measurement and management approach.

I&P set up a program to offset its carbon emission with ECOSUR Afrique, the leading carbon finance group in Africa. Find out more

S. Touré, Investment manager in Côte d'Ivoire, participated on May 27 to the official launch of MyAfricanStartup. Read more




I&P will participate to the 8th edition of Convergences World Forum (September 7-9, Paris)

O. Lafourcade and E. Debled will participate to ANDE Annual Conference (September 30, New York)

P. Carpentier et M. Ranaivoson will join ESSEC involvement week to present the project Small is Poweful with Jaco Chan Kit Waye, managing director of IOT, Madagacar (Oct. 13, Paris)

I&P annual events will be held in Paris mid-october: 

>>Annual Training Seminar for I&P entrepreneurs (Oct. 13-15)

>>Launching event of the project Small is Powerful (Oct. 15)

>>Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (Oct. 16)

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"Access to finance shoult not be an obstacle to entrepreneurship in Africa"

Omar Cissé and Olivier Furdelle of Teranga Capital, reflect on the motivations and objectives that led them to create an investment fund dedicated to SMEs and start-ups in Senegal.
"Together with the team of Investisseurs & Partenaires, we came to the conclusion that entrepreneurship in Senegal was gravely impeded by the lack of support and financing solutions provided to Small and Medium Enterprises. (....)

Teranga has worked with I&P more than 18 months on the field to implement the project. Beyond investment, Investisseurs & Partenaires is a true business partner to Teranga Capital on the long run

I&P publishes a handbook to foster SME investment in Africa

The handbook "Investing in Africa's Small and Growing Businesses", available online, gathers the feedbacks of 10 entrepreneurs and the best practices of six investors.

It aims to foster the development of early-stage SME investment in Africa and encourage the rise of new investors on the continent.

Portrait : Marcel Ouédraogo
Founder and Director of Siatol, Burkina Faso (1st investment of Sinergi Burkina, partner of IPDEV2)

Siatol is a young soybean processing company founded in 2010 by Marcel Ouédraogo.

He worked 10 years in the soy production sector before devoting himself exclusively to Siatol, with the objective of developing new opportunities for small producers and strengthening the national production of soya oil.

Read more about M. Ouédraogo and Siatol

In Short: News from our Partners

Voltacars Rental Services (VRS) in Ghana is developping its environmental strategy and chooses to offset its carbon footprint with the support of I&P  and Ecosur Afrique. Read More
La Laiterie du Berger strenghtens its support Senegale farmers thanks to a new funding agreement with ECOWAS. Read more
CDS proposes new solutions to provide energy access to rural population in Mauritania by partnering with Djikké, a mutual specialized in microfinance. New financing solutions are indeed needed to allow access to solar equipment. Read more
Daouda Coulibaly, founder of the training centre TRAINIS, based in Mali, met I&P's investors in Paris. An opportunity to reflect on his career and review the perspectives of the company. Read more
An in-depth study of the Malagasy company Nutrizaza has been published by the network CERISE and its partners (including I&P), to illustrate the newly released "Social Business Scorecard", a tool available online to help social businesses assess their practices. Read more
Last Portfolio Shifts
I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs
  • IPAE welcomes the aribusiness company SCRIMAD, based in Madagascar, in its portfolio. The company is specilized in the export of litchi and spices

Intelligence & Analysis


The private sector contributes more and more to development issues

The EVPA (European Venture Philanthropic Association) published a report on the social impact strategies developped by corporates. Based on in-depth interviews and case studies of 50 organizations, the report charts the increased activities of corporates and corporate foundations in investment oriented approaches to solving social and environmental problems. Download the Report

The EVPA report echoes a study issued by the Forum Convergences at the same period on the relationship between social businesses and CAC 40 companies. The report shows that a third of these companies have committed to social business projects and makes several recommendations to reinforce the impact of existing initiatives and develop social business activities among corporations. Read the Report

Executing successful exits: a challenge for impact investors in Africa?

Conventional exit options are scarce on the market of African SGBs. And yet, the dozens of exits achieved by the first players in the sector prove that this can be done successfully.
In the Handbook "Investing in Africa's SGBs", S. Boyé reviews the experience of I&P in terms of exits: "It was maybe true that secondary buyouts and trade sales were  difficult in the African SME investing space, but this idea is now out of date. For example, out of the 10 exits I&P realized, only 2 were management buyouts. In the other 8, I&P's stake was sold to third parties such as investment funds, suppliers, customers or industrial players". Find out More

This trend is also reflected in a recent study published by AVCA (African Private Equity & Venture Capital Association) and Ernst & Young: the African PE industry is maturing fast and there is a broadening of exit routes over recent times. The report identifies 247 exits in Africa from 2007 to 2014. Read the study

EVPA published a practical guide to "planning and executing an impactful exit". The guide explores the issues and decisions that investors need to consider and decide on when executing an exit. It outlines a five step action plan to ensure social impact is maintained after the exit. Download the Report

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