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2018 TBC
And the Winner Is
The Red Team!!!
The Red Team was the big winner of this weekends 5th Annual Teen Business Challenge.  Though Red Team was in third place after the first challenge, they came roaring back to win the next two (2) challenges and accumulated a 10 point lead going into Challenge 4, "The Pitch" Challenge.  They then hung on to win as Blue Team and Yellow Team tied in "The Pitch" Challenge. 

The teams all came up with unique business and app ideas.  Red Teams' idea was College-Box-Next-Level, an app to assist students in finding scholarships.  The 2nd Place Blue Team developed and app entitled Connected which helps people speak and learn a foreign language.  Yellow Teams app was E-Rent, an app that facilitates sharing and renting your extra household supplies.  Finally the Green Team developed a product called Remedios.  Remedios was an app that helps people find remedies for an ailment.  

Thank you again all!
We Love Our Volunteers!
Couldn't have done it without you!
Friday evening Challenge 1 - The Big Idea    
Host/Hostess/Server    Bianca Peynado/Candido Ortiz
Host/Hostess/Server    Pam McCoy/Fabian Robles
SME    Jeff Hallberg
Coach 1    Simone Ferdinand
Coach 2    Fabian Robles
Coach 3    Alexandra Florescu
Coach 4    Bianca Peynado
Judge 1    Romuald Kiniffo
Judge 2    Deneia Fairweather
Judge 3    Christopher Gayle
Judge 4    Oscar Williams

Saturday Morning Challenge 2 - The Biz Model    
Host/Hostess/Server    Vivian Lopez 
Host/Hostess/Server    Shirley Houston
SME    Christopher Gayle
Coach 1    Angela O'Neal
Coach 2    Robert Moore
Coach 3    Burcu Guldiken
Coach 4    Natasha Powell
Judge 1    Shanna Michael
Judge 2    Sheik Isaacs
Judge 3    Sheirley Houston
Judge 4    Jorge Acosta

Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Morning Challenge 3 - MVP    
SME    Romuald Kiniffo
Coach 1    Gerardo Sanchez
Coach 2    Simone Ferdinand
Coach 3    Sanjay Kumar
Coach 4    Oscar Williams
Software Dev 1    Jon Kenoyer/Jacquelyn Ferrari
Software Dev 2    Matt Guinn/Stephon Mikell, Jr.
Software Dev 3    Laura Gaber/Howie Taylor
Software Dev 4    Ricardo Rodriguez/Sasha dos Santos 
Judge 1    Lauren Karfonta
Judge 2    Junliang Chen
Judge 3    Tong Yang
Judge 4    Yuting Chen

Sunday Afternoon Challenge 4 - The Pitch    
Host/Hostess/Server    Bianca Peynado
Host/Hostess/Server    Fabian Robles
SME    Alice Olodude
Coach 1    Hope Davis
Coach 2    Vanessa Lester
Coach 3    Romuald Kiniffo
Coach 4    Leif Fortson
Celebrity Judge 1    Heather Stahl
Celebrity Judge 2    Kevin Schaal
Celebrity Judge 3    Gary Hartfield
Celebrity Judge 4    Mark LaPlante
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