Yarnton Nurseries Newsletter | June 2016
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Seeds for Schools 2016 was a great success!

On Wednesday 6th July 2016 we had the pleasure to display a range of absolutely fantastic exhibits all grown and put together by local Oxfordshire children. They obviously had a great time showing off all their lovely fruit, vegetables and flowers that they grew as part of our Free Seeds for Schools project!
View more photos from the event by clicking here!
After careful deliberation – the judges awarded  the following prizes categories to the local schools:

1st place - Long Furlong Primary School
2nd Place - North Kidlington School
3rd Place - St. Francis C.E. Primary School

It was super to see all the attractive displays and wonderful to think that our simple project may have help sow the 'seeds of a love of gardening' in these children!

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part!
Click here to see the photo album on Facebook. 
The Summer of Colour
If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your garden this month, we have some fantastic flowers that are perfect for the job.
It's a great time for hydrangeas of all shapes and sizes. The paniculata type and also the round mop-head can be found in a range of colours.
Hardy fuchsias also come in a multitude of colours.
The lovely hibiscus are just coming into flower, perfect for July, bringing blues, whites and pinks to the garden.
Something new we have here at Yarnton are the campanula iridescent bells, a 2 foot plant with gorgeous lilac bells.

We also have the brilliant magic dragon, a digitalis plant that flowers for ages.
Whatever your choice may be, July is a great time for colour.
Discover more in our new bedding plant tunnel!
Wildlife and Our Wellbeing

Stuart Mabbutt | Wildlife Gardening Specialist
The unpredictable weather can play havoc with wildlife in our gardens but somehow it always finds a balance. Weather can have a marked effect on us to, if we choose to allow it, unless we can see past it and learn from nature’s adaptability.
Recently my wildlife gardening work has moved into this area, a subtle diversification it could be described as. I’m really exploring the connections between our gardens and our behaviours, individually and collectively. Searching for ways how we can use those insights and bring them into other areas of our lives...

Read Stuart's full article by clicking here!
Newsletter Winner!
This Month's Winner is Brian White!
Congratulations, and we will email you shortly regarding your prize!
Last month's winner was Celia Clark:
"When my husband and I visit Yarnton, we always have a good look round, but what we really want is to look at the plants. We have been customers of yours for many, many years and one of our special purchases was a very beautiful Yellow Rose, whose name I have long forgotten and since lost its label, but it had such lovely blooms. More like the old fashioned type of a Hybrid Tea. The most amazing thing was that it flowered twice each summer and as it got older, it became three times each summer! It had the most gorgeous smell to go with it. I am very fond of the smaller flowers at the other end of the scale. Yarnton's range of Viola's is excellent as are all the smaller flowers and they are a joy to look at."
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