Yarnton Nurseries Newsletter | June 2016
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This June at Yarnton Nurseries

Temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer, it’s time to take pleasure from your garden during the sunny days and warm evenings, with the longest day being 21st June. 
Looking for some Gardening Tips for June? Click here!
Yarnton Nurseries Flower and Vegetable Show!
Wednesday 6th July
It is now just over five weeks away before the Yarnton Nurseries Garden Show for Children is due to take place. We cannot wait to see what your little ones have been working on over the past few months!

We require some key information from the entrants, so make sure you head to our website to download your booking form! 
Find all the information on our site here.
What is Hedgehog Street?
Hedgehog Street is all about people, gardens and wildlife.
People love gardens . People love hedgehogs. Hedgehogs love gardens - they need to access to lots of gardens to survive.
Hedgehog Street is about empowering people with an understanding of hedgehogs, why they are declining, and how easy it is to help them.

Learn more about Hedgehog Street here.
Why is it important to feed birds in the Summer?
Stuart Mabbutt | Wildlife Gardening Specialist
The breeding-season is now in full swing for the birds, with adult birds feeding their young constantly and at a veracious rate. Maybe time how frequently the adults return to the nest within any 5 minute period. You may be surprised at how many visits are needed and how much energy the adult birds expend especially if the weather it not that great. Read Stuart's full article here!
Shining Star Bradley
Bradley joined us on the 1st of July 2014 as a planteria assistant, and at only 20 years of age is a fine example of a polite, kind and hard working young person.
So much so, that he had quite an impact on one visitor recently, that they took the time and trouble to send us some complimentary words about how incredible Bradley is. 

Read the full letter on our website by clicking here!
Newsletter Winner!
This Month's Winner is Celia Clark!
Congratulations, and we will email you shortly regarding your prize!
Last month's winner was Terry Ireland:
"Why do I shop at Yarnton? Several reasons really. You're a local nursery and I do like to support local businesses that I feel are providing a very good service. Quality products are very well laid out and there's always knowledgeable staff on hand. You often seem to stock the unusual plants too. I must admit I'm also liking the Wine Rack concession so in one shop I can restock my garden and go home with an interesting selection of beers."
Yarnton Nurseries Map
Now available in store and online
With the recent changes to the layout of the centre, we wanted to ensure you could find everything you need as easy as before. Upon arrival to the Garden Centre you will find several centre maps around the centre, or if you visit our site you can download and print your own.
Please ask any member of staff for assistance if you do not know where to go, or are unable to find an item you wish to purchase, and they will be delighted to help. 
Download your map by clicking here!
This Month's Featured Concessions
Adrian White
Building Supplies
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