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Do we want a World Record for the Animals?

We have a wonderful chance to plant a rather large stake in the sand as Fiona has an “opportunity” to become the fastest female to complete a Marathon on all seven continents PLUS the Polar Ice Cap.  The current Words Record stands at 324 days elapsed time and so as Fiona completed (and won in a staggering record breaking time) the North Pole Marathon in April this year, she has until February next year to complete a Marathon on the seven continents to take this World Record.
Fiona was already planning to race in the Antarctic Ice Marathon in November this year and so to make this World Record happen she simply needs to complete a Marathon in Europe, America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia in the next six months.
Injury & Illness aside, the actual “running” does not present a problem to Fiona – after all she did a marathon a day for 6 days in the Sahara Desert last year with a 12 kilo rucksack on her back in temperatures which exceeded 50 degrees C ! She runs over 100 miles a week in training anyway, so there really are no concerns about her “ability” to take this title.
What is a problem however is the often “hidden” cost of getting to the events – for example, Fiona raised just over £2,000 in sponsorships  for the North Pole Marathon – all of which went towards the feed costs of the animals at the Sanctuary, however, although her race entry costs were paid for by the organisers, Fiona’s Mum still had to find £4,000 to fly herself and Fiona out to Norway, stay in a Hotel and then fly on to Longyearbyen and cover the costs of hotels there.
All Fiona’s previous running events have been funded privately by Fiona, her Mum and her partner – however as the same three are also still funding much of the costs of caring for the rescues at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary we are simply not it a position to find the money necessary to make this World Record happen.
This World Record would represent a significant milestone and key reference point ‘globally’ in the continuing struggle for Animal Rights and for global environmental concerns and it will be catastrophic to see it slip through Fiona’s fingers.
We have to confirm before August 1st whether Fiona will race in Chile in the Atacama Volcano marathon on her way to the Antarctic in November as that will sort the South American leg of this attempt – however there is no point in Fiona competing at that event unless it is part of the overall program of events. The media focus has been on Fiona since she smashed the course record at the North Pole earlier this year, an event such as this will represent a fantastic and positive animal welfare story – one that I really don’t think the animals would ever forgive us if we let it slip by.
We need to raise £10,000 (min) to make this happen which will be used to pay for the flights & hotels necessary for Fiona to schedule the outstanding events.
We need pledges matching this by Thursday 1st August (Fiona's birthday) or this record will be gone for ever and all the positive media exposure that goes with it.
Please pledge your support for Fiona and help make this happen for the animals and be part of history in the making – history which will be a great reference point in dispelling myths and stereotypes regarding a plant based diet.

We have created a new organisation - the Fiona Oakes Foundation - to specifically raise funds for Fiona's "outreach" activities in order to segregate donations between this and donations sent for the rescued animals at the Sanctuary.

Cheques should be made payable to "The Fiona Oakes Foundation" and sent to the address detailed below. If you prefer to pay the account directly the details are:

The Fiona Oakes Foundation
Sort Code 30-67-33
Account No: 27574060

Thank you for your support
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