Come meet the electric chair and ladder barrel.
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When exercising or eating always listen to your body for clues.

Happy New Year

I hope all of your New Year's Resolutions are going as you planned!

It's finally here!
The equipment I ordered in October arrived the last week of December.  Please continue to show me mercy as I rearrange the room every week, searching for the perfect location for each item.

Avoid the March price increase!
Prices will increase $5/session on March 15th ONLY for those who have not purchased sessions in 2014.  All clients with purchases in January and February and March, before the 15th, will remain grandfathered in at his/her existing rate.  Tell your friends that have been thinking about trying pilates to come in before March 15th ($50 referral credit).  If you've been away hurry back before the price increase.

Mindbody Features turned on
This semester is proving hectic so I'm going to allow technology to help.  You will now receive auto emails when your packages are low.  If you have a credit card on file, it will run on the date given on your package low notification.  Please let me know if you do not wish to receive notifications electronically.  Thank you to everyone for adjusting your schedules to accommodate my ever complicated school schedule.  

Food for thought!
As you prepare your next meal, think about how you feel while eating it and how you typically feel after eating it.  Like exercise, food should help you feel good, the goal is to energize your day not to deplete your energy.  Eat things your body can digest so you can enjoy your day and your Pilates sessions.

Upcoming Spring Events!
I've heard from several of you about talking to your pet.  I'm working on bringing Sarah back by popular demand.  Some of you have indicated an interest in an information session with a nutritionist.  I'm also considering trying to arrange a walking club so that we can all get in our 30 minutes of cardio a day.  You'll be hearing from me soon on these 3 items.

Thank you for your continued support of Happy Tree Pilates! 

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