Pastoral Notes
Please pray for Bill Hallam and his family. Bill is in hospice care now after his health declined following a fall that resulted in a broken hip in late January.

Janet Taylor continues her recovery at GBMC after surgery last week and appreciates your prayers. Penny Patschke continues rehabilitation at Sinai after breaking her hip.

From Carolyn's Desk

It’s no secret that the roof in the sanctuary has had more than one leak for a while now. We’ve been keeping an eye on it, putting buckets in the appropriate places, making sure that we were limiting long-term damage – generally being good stewards of our blessed, sacred place. 

Do we work on a short-term fix? Do we invest in really solving the problem and spending money that could be feeding our neighbors in these dark times? We need consensus. How does the council feel about an unbudgeted capital expense that could run in the five-figure range?

It’s all very rational and the systems are in place to make this decision. 

When I rolled into the parking lot this morning there were two white trucks, and a yellow ladder reaching onto the roof. I wasn’t expecting roofers on this Wednesday morning, but I did want to cry when I realized what was going on. 

There’s something about loving a building and knowing it’s not right that is hard to explain, but easy to feel. For me, on this unseasonably warm, early spring day, having a workman walking on the roof directly over my head is an incredible gift. It means we’re doing fine. It means we can fix the things that need to be fixed. It means that we are doing our best to keep our sacred space alive, beautiful, available. 

In this time of Lent, as we wend our way toward Holy Week, we have a moment to collect our thoughts and our prayers – and the fact is, we don’t have to choose. We’ve been careful, and lucky, and smart and we can serve our community and fix the roof. 

That does not make it any less a miracle, to me.


Lenten Series 

Join us for our discussion tonight of chapters 6-8. If you haven't gotten the reading done, don't worry. Come join us for the conversation. It's all about LOVE!

Click here to Join Zoom Meeting March 10 @ 7:30 pm

Meeting ID: 832 7309 6667
Passcode: Lent
+13017158592,,83273096667# US (Washington DC)

Questions for the week:
1.       [Based on chapter 6] Bishop Curry says our job is to do our job. We can’t take on every part of the struggle but we must do our part. How do you understand your own job in God’s great movement of love at this time?
2.       [Based on chapter 7] Bishop Curry refers to Martin Buber’s concept of I-it and I-Thou. It is easy for us to see others as “it,’” an object, but we are called to see each other as “Thou” with dignity and holiness. Have you ever felt you were objectified? How can we see the humanity of others?
3.       [Based on chapter 8] Bishop Curry says “The Bible could guide me only if it was in conversation with real life.” When you feel the Holy Spirit move your life toward change, do you welcome it or fight it?

Leaders: Pastor Sandra Alexis, First English
Sallie Gartside, Church of the Good Shepherd, Belair

Here is our worship from Sunday, March 7, 2021
with Pastor Don's message Straighten Us Out.

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Join the gardening crew for
A Pruning Pop Up
 Friday, March 12
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Contact Amanda Cunningham.


Holy Week Notes

  • We will be worshiping virtually in Holy Week. Palm Sunday with the Passion of our Lord will be at 10:30 am. If you would be willing to help record the Passion ahead of time on Zoom, please email Pastor Stewart.
  • We will gather for worship in Holy Week Online at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.
  • There will be a "Holy Week Bag" with communion elements that you may pick up that week. We will also be doing dinner orders to go again on Maundy Thursday. Stay tuned.
  • To donate flowers for our Easter Altar, please fill out this form online. Or a paper version will be in the BT Times next week. Suggestion donation is $15.



Food Pantry Needs
 canned tuna and salmon, pasta, and spaghetti sauce, dish soap & laundry soap, toilet paper, baby wipes & diapers (size 5 & 6), adult diapers (women's large sizes)


Thursday Morning Bible Study

Pastor Don begins a study of Jesus' Parables this Lent. Join the conversation at 11am starting this week. Click for Zoom link or call 1-929-205-6099 then enter 88586024640#  
March 11 The Great Supper, The Wedding Garment, Places at the Table 
March 18 Wicked Husbandman, Unjust steward, Burglar, Unmerciful Servant, Two Debtors
March 25 The Narrow Door Luke, Doorkeeper, Seine Net / Treasure in Field /Pearl of Great Price

Be Still and Know....
We gather on Thursdays from 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm. This will be a very relaxing meditation; turn off your video and listen to my voice. This class is my way to give back to our Church community, while helping us all strengthen and unite together. Join us as wel focus on our breath, bring our minds too stillness, so that we can go inward and feel the grace and peace that lies within us all.    Linda Mcgill
Join Zoom Meeting.   Meeting ID: 410 236 9650.  Passcode: yoga
One tap mobile +13017158592,,4102369650# 

Here is Thursday's Meditation.
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Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am
Followed by Coffee Hour

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Monday Chair Yoga @ 10:00 am
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Leader: Linda Mcgill, 410-235-3612 or 410-236-9650 or 

Wednesday Healing Prayers @ 10:30 am
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Wednesday Night Live @ 7:30 pm
Compline Evening Prayers and Conversation

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Thursday Morning Bible Study @ 11:00 am
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Thursday Evening Meditation Group @ 7:30 pm
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Leader: Linda Mcgill, 410-235-3612 or 410-236-9650 or email.

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