Greetings, Survivors! | Week of 01/27/23


I. Help us get needs of the brain injury community heard!
Please fill out our intake survey online & we’ll reach out to you: CLICK ME

  1. Our voices will be represented at local and State agencies ♥

II. Monthly Parents of Brain Injury Survivors Support Group (virtual):
Facilitated by a pediatric neurologist and neuropsychologist (aka bring all of your questions)!

  1. Wednesday, 02/01/23, 18:15pm to 9:15p PST

  2. To register and attend free: CLICK ME


I. Am I eligible for governmental support/benefits?!
Visit, take the short survey, find out what assistance is available!

  1. website and instructional step-by-step video: CLICK ME

Benefit Finder Walkthrough

II. Working with an Attorney that knows brain injury!
Get financial assistance to cover the costs of therapy and support your life following injury.
Not a "HAND OUT" but a "HAND UP!"

If you were involved with a personal injury or work accident in the last two years (statute of limitation), then reach out to below (Daniel from St. Jude’s sent you for free consult)

  1. Asvar Law: Elaine Roberts 949 374 0665

  2. BD & J Law: Michael Madidi 818 642 3645

III. Brain Injury Movies & Books:

  1. The Vow - thank you Ruben! TBI from motor vehicle accident CLICK ME

  2. The Lookout - thank you Jen! TBI from hockey CLICK ME

  3. Book: The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat - thank you Michelle! CLICK ME

IV. Phonophobia = sound sensitivity
Yes, this is considered a post-concussive symptom!

  1. Accommodate phonophobia without sacrificing sound quality with Vibes in-ear plugs that are invisible. Thank you Lynda! CLICK ME


I. UCLA’s Concussion Champions conference:

  1. Learn the most up-to-date research and education on concussion!

  2. Watch full recording of conference FREE (3 hours): CLICK ME password: concussion23

II. California Youth Football Act signed in 2019:

This bill was enacted to protect our young athletes by:

  1. Limiting to 2 full-contact practices per week

  2. Football helmets shall be reconditioned/recertified every year

  3. Coaches shall complete annual concussion/head injury education

  4. Every year coaches shall complete annual SAFE tackling and blocking certification

  5. A minimum of one state licensed medical professional shall be present at ALL games


I. State & Federal TBI Virtual Webinars:

  1. Exploring the Ticket to Work Program for Job Seekers with Disabilities (02/14/23 @ 12:00 pm PST): REGISTER FREE

  2. 2023 Federal TBI Awareness & Policy Day (02/28/23 @ 9:00 am to 1:00 pm PST): REGISTER FREE

II. Binaural Beats to assist with Sleep (4 hours straight) CLICK ME

Thank you Shelby!


130 West Bastanchury Rd., Fullerton, CA 92833

  • Friday, 01/27/23 @ 11 AM to 1 PM PST


  • Saturday 01/28/23 @ 1 PM to 3 PM PST

  • Tuesday, 01/31/23 @ 4 to 6 PM PST

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Best regards and have a fantastic day!
Daniel Ignacio, PhD LMFT CBIS
Service Coordinator
St. Jude’s Brain Injury Network