Greetings, Survivors! | Week of 02/03/23


I. Friday groups will be VIRTUAL ONLY for next 2 weeks (sincerest apologies!)

  1. We will return in-person (Fullerton) on Friday 02/17/23

II. Monthly Parents of Brain Injury Survivors Support Group (virtual):
Facilitated by a pediatric neurologist and neuropsychologist (register and attend free: CLICK ME)

  1. THIS Wednesday, 02/01/23, 8:15pm to 9:15p PST

III. Our fellow TBI Sister, Lynda is speaking to a Disability Inclusion Alliance (DIA) at an Insurance Company to advocate/teach about:

  1. Navigating life with a newly acquired disability (TBI)

IV. Our fellow TBI Sister, Suannie, publishes Article on Music’s Brain-healing Power!
Congratulations on the Village Breeze publication ♥

  1. To read FREE: CLICK ME


I. FREE 8-week physical therapy program at Mount Saint Mary’s University:
Address: 10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007 - thank you Marni!

  1. Eligibility: anyone with a neuro diagnosis!

  2. Provided by supervised 3rd year PT students

  3. every Thursday in February & March at either 2pm or 5:30pm PST

  4. If interested, contact Craig Newsam by phone at 213-219-8586 or

II. FREE Neuropraxis Webinar on Occupational therapy (OT) for TBI caregivers:
Thank you Christine & Vanessa!

  1. Following webinar, attendees will send receive recording of the session.

  2. Also, NeuroPraxis will send a comprehensive TBI resource guide compiled of California & nationwide resources to support brain injury recovery.

  3. See flyer: CLICK ME

  4. Sign up & register FREE: CLICK ME

III. Needing Assistance with Navigating Services, Applications, & Paperwork??

  1. Contact Rehab without Walls: Marni Scivoletti-Castillo, LCSW

  2. 1317 W. Foothill Blvd. Ste. 130 Upland, Ca., 91786

  3. Phone: 800-741-1164


Last week, we discussed feelings of worth & confidence in YOUR recovery… (below)

Ever feel that your progress is never enough…?? Seeing others in the rehabilitation process and wonder what is their “secret…?”

Every brain injury is different: why? because symptoms manifest in unique ways depending on…

  1. location of injury (e.g., frontal, temporal)

  2. mechanism of injury (e.g., concussion, gun shot)

  3. support systems (e.g., family, friends, community)

  4. preexisting health conditions (e.g., anxiety, depression)

  5. so many more (e.g., faith, hope, resilience, $)

Watch video below (3 mins) about “False Poodle Science” which illustrates that there is no “secret!” You are unique and so is your brain injury. Unique problems require unique solutions: solutions that are personalized to you ♥ We make up a community of individuals, each with enough unique experience to support many different problems & presentations - this is our strength!

Poodle Science


II. Help us get needs of the brain injury community heard!
Please fill out our intake survey online & we’ll reach out to you: CLICK ME

  1. Our voices will be represented at local and State agencies ♥



  • Tuesday, 01/31/23 @ 4 to 6 PM PST

  • Wednesday 02/01/23 @ 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm (Parents of Brain Injury)

  • Friday, 02/03/23 @ 11 AM to 1 PM PST

  • Saturday 02/04/23 @ 1 PM to 3 PM PST

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Best regards and have a fantastic day!
Daniel Ignacio, PhD LMFT CBIS
Service Coordinator
St. Jude’s Brain Injury Network