Jennifer Pillow-White, NCTM, MS
CranioSacral Therapy
Lymph Drainage
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Jennifer Pillow-White, CranioSacral and Lymph Drainage therapist is a gifted and talented practitioner. Oftentimes, she is asked in more detail about her specialties.  In this newsletter, she answer’s many of those questions AND shares a bit about herself. 


Jennifer Pillow-White, NCTM, MS

Trusting the Road Ahead

When I reflect on my journey to the present day, the word that comes to mind is trust. I trusted all along the way. I am the resident CranioSacral Therapist at MAAIM but I am so much more. I am a wife, mom, educator, vegetarian, ferocious reader, lover of bad jokes and overall happy human being. I have been with my husband for 25 years and am the mom to two brilliant, precocious, hilarious and kind hearted 4 years olds (yes, twins). Our family’s journey began where my passion for science started.

I am a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy (Go Titans!). As a graduate student, I spent countless hours in the library and lab. I poured my heart and soul over biology books, dissections, laboratory projects and presentations. My goal was to be a neuropsychologist. After receiving my Master’s degree, I took a short (so I thought) sabbatical. (Read more on our Blog)

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is a light touch technique that works to relax the soft tissue tensions on the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls everything within and of our bodies, any irritation to it can cause dysfunction in any system. By removing strains and irritations from the nervous system, it allows the body to self-correct and function to its best ability. CranioSacral therapy can be used to treat headaches, TMJ syndrome, scoliosis, spinal pain, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, brain and spinal injuries, colic, torticollis and many other conditions. (Read more on our Blog)


Lymph Drainage: Waterways to Health

The lymphatic system is the most recent body system to be discovered. It was first formally described in 1652. This relatively recent discovery does not indicate that this is evolutionarily a new system. Instead it was identified so late because this system is naturally difficult to visualize. Our lymphatic system is comprised of transparent lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymphatic organs and lymph fluid. Lymph is fluid that has naturally been lost into the tissues via the cardiovascular system and is generally clear. Since the lymph vessels are transparent and the fluid within them is clear, it made it difficult to isolate and name this system. Despite being our newest system, it is an incredibly important to our survival. (Read more on our Blog)

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