Karen Jacobsen, and the Expedition to the Barbados seeps Log 1

Expedition Newsletter
from Karen Jacobsen


June 3, 2012

Meaning: To begin a journey or a project.


This June it will once again be my happy task to board the RV Atlantis as scientific illustrator. We will embark from Barbados June 1st,  and head to 5 rare and unexplored methane based, cold-seep hydrothermal vent communities in the western Atlantic. The voyage will have 2 legs. The 1st Leg to Orenoque A and Orenoque B  to the SE, and the 2nd Leg to El Pilar, Manon, and Atalante. I will be at sea for about one month, and will be sending weekly or biweekly expedition updates,  highlighting discoveries, life at sea, some illustrations, along with additional links to blogs and websites associated with the research.

Along with the science, several artistic types will be joining the cruise as well, providing a rich variety of outlooks and interpretation of imagery and ideas.
It will be fun and inspiring to have other artists along to share this unique experience with, and I hope you will enjoy reading about the adventure.

Best wishes to all and thank you for your interest.

Karen Jacobsen
In Situ Science Illustration 

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