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Newsletter #4 Summer 2012

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On Sunday after racing, Mark Sancken showed us his boat set up and explained why he has each control the way it is, and its effect on the sail shape. It was a really interesting demo and it became clear that most of us needed to make some fundamental changes to the way we sail. I hope we see the results of those changes on the water soon! Thank you Mark.

Practice sessions

This Saturday sees the first of our Fleet Practice Sessions. These are our informal self run practice sessions where we can work together on practice drills, pair tuning, mark roundings etc. We'll meet up first and have a quick chat about what people want to focus on. As it's difficult to communicate out on the water we'll run through the drills on land first before launching. It would be really useful to get an idea of how many of you will be there so please let me know at if you're coming. The start time is 10am. Also if you want to come but can't make 10am then please still get in touch, if it suits more people to make it a later time then that would be possible as long as I know beforehand. If you're at the front of the fleet it would be great to see you as well especially if you're prepared to help those of us behind you!

New website at

I've launched the new QM Laser Fleet website at (this is the same address as we used previously). I incorporated the ideas that you'd sent in and hopefully this will go some way to building the fleet community. There are areas for News, Training updates, your discussions and For Sale/Wanted items. Also pages for weather and other useful links.

The site is visible to the public but only QMSC members will be able to post their own content. I will be sending out an extra email later this week with your username and password so that you can post discussion items, ask questions of the fleet etc. It will be possible to contact other fleet members via the website while keeping everyone's email address hidden and private. Also it is set up to send you a weekly digest of anything that happens on the site - I will include instructions of how you can turn this off if you want to, I have tried to keep a balance between keeping you up-to-date and not filling up your inbox.

If you have suggestions for other useful content (or have spotted any errors) then please let me know at

Unfortunately as I don't have any photos of Laser sailing at Queen Mary, the pictures on the home page are from last years Masters at Whitstable. If you do have some photos then please send them to me and I'll replace them.

Racing update

Sunday was the last round of the August Series, we had 20 Lasers out in good wind and sunshine. Congratulations for a series win to Amy Foreman who topped the Radial/4.7 fleet and to David Homes who topped the Standard fleet. Next Sunday (2 September) is the start of the Autumn Series.

There are only two Wednesday Evening races left in the series so make the most of the last of the long evenings for that extra weekly sail. If you can, stop for dinner and a chat afterwards in the clubhouse.

Shaun Curran
Laser 198762

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