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Newsletter #6 Autumn 2012

Dear <<First Name>>,

Fleet Communication

I hope that you like the regular Newsletter and website updates at Although we have more than 130 members registering an interest with the Laser Fleet at Queen Mary I'm not sure that I'm reaching you all. Please would you add the fleet captain's email address ( to your email address books so that I don't end up in your spam / junk folders! Please also would you check with any QM Laser sailors you know that they're getting the Newsletter OK. Thank You.

Pro Coaching

There are still a couple of places available for our Pro Coaching Day on Saturday 24 November. It's a great opportunity to learn and improve your Laser skills. Price £25-30 depending on final number attending. If you're interested then please get in touch asap

Exciting Sprints

Recently the RS400s had a Sprint Open meeting which was very successful and that all involved thoroughly enjoyed. Sprints are basically very short (10 minute) single lap races that help hone all of your racing skills. It also means that if you're normally middle of the fleet but you get a good start you might just hang on at the front until the finish! Then straight into the next starting sequence and try again.

I had thoughts of stealing their idea for the Laser Fleet! The 400 fleet so loved the day that they have decided to hold their own QM sprints. 400 fleet captain Max, being the nice guy that he is, has offered to share the day with the Laser fleet. We are thinking of organising a date in March. The rough idea being that we have 5 races before lunch and 5 after. We would split the Laser fleet into Gold (better sailors) and Silver flights, and the 400s will do the same. So 4 fleet starts one after another. 3 minute start sequences to keep the waiting time down. It should be fast paced and exciting.

We're sounding out whether you're interested and also whether we would add a social element with either lunch or dinner for all competitors. What do you think? Let me know whether this is the kind of thing that floats your boat or the worst idea since marmite pasta (Thanks Nigella!). Please let me know at

Practice sessions

November's practice session saw a few brave souls go out on a very windy day, well done! Our next session is scheduled for Saturday 1 December

Sunday Racing

The Autumn Series has recently finished. Congratulations to Tim Crook, Chris Ellyatt and David Homes in the Standard Fleet and also to Sue Grylls, George Hicks and Tim Aitman in the Radial Fleet. And well done to everyone who took part, I think one Sunday we had 26 Lasers racing which is a fantastic effort.

The Winter Series is now under way, make the most of your racing before the water temperature drops too low!

New Kit on sale

LaserPerformance are having an end of season sale see for more details. If you're interested in purchasing some new kit then add a comment to that post on the website. If there's enough interest then I'll give them a call and see if I can get an extra bulk discount.

Member seeks experienced eye

Tim Aitman is hoping to buy a Laser at Queen Mother Reservoir (Datchet) on Sat 17 November. He's not done this before and would really appreciate an experienced eye and some moral support. If you can help Tim please contact me and I'll pass your message onto him. 

Catherine Rawson, Club Secretary - Leaving Card

Andrew Craig, Commodore has asked me to pass on a message:
"Hi all,
Caroline has a very fine leaving card for Catherine, I hope you can see Caroline to sign the card and contribute to a collection if you wish.  We hope to get Catherine something to support her interest in walking in addition to giving her some glassware to remember the club by for presenting at the Christmas lunch on Sunday 16th December.  Catherine is away the next two weekends still in Australia so an ideal time to pop in to the office to do this. "

Shaun Curran
Laser 198762

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