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Strategic Communication Tools

Decision Support

The Brand Reputation Radar and the WYSDOM Success Metric, our two most popular strategic tools, have just been released as a fully integrated Web application (developed in close collaboration with the communication and public outreach experts of NOAA

A research article in the October issue of the prestigious scientific journal Knowledge-Based Systems reports on this collaboration and describes how opinion mining can be greatly improved by using semantic knowledge bases.
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Visual Analytics

WYSDOM 2.0 | Feature of the Month. The WYSDOM Success Metric and the Brand Reputation Radar have previously been introduced as separate components. 2014-09.1 goes a step further and integrates both features, using the brand reputation radar as an interactive tool to specify desired and undesired topics. This specification reflects the corporate communication goals and allows targeted topics to be tracked via the dynamic display of the WYSDOM success metric.
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Photos of Research Team

Live Demos

Presentations | Events and Conferences. October has been a very exciting month for our researchers, sharing the latest insights from EU-funded projects ASAP, LinkedTV, Pheme and DecarboNet at leading technology conferences - including the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014) and the Latin American Web Conference (LA-WEB 2014), as well as at symposia and industry events. The full text of the presented articles can be downloaded from the webLyzard ePrints server.
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