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Newsletter May 2014

Radical Scalability

Maximum scalability for high-throughput Web applications has been webLyzard's fundamental design principle from day one. The latest release is another big step forward in this pursuit. A fundamental revision of our search and indexing strategy has increased query performance by a factor of ten, and also lets users define and edit topics with the full set of filter options already familiar from the advanced search dialog.

Test-drive the new features of the 2013-03.x releases with the Media Watch on Climate Change (see archive of previous newsletter issues), or join us at the upcoming Data Hub conference in Vienna for a live demo.


Topic Editor | Advanced Search Features. With the new 2013-03.2 release, even complex search queries can be stored, continuously revised and later accessed at the click of a button. This allows users to define and disambiguate topics in a flexible manner. They can exclude a certain aspect of recent coverage, for example, restrict queries to one or more countries, select content from a specific set of Web sites, etc. This is particularly useful to capture abstract concepts like “climate change”, or to analyze coverage on lexically ambiguous brand names such as "Apple", "Amazon", or "Three".
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Big Data

Scalable Analytics | New Research Project. Built on highly scalable knowledge extraction and content recommendation services, webLyzard allows analysts to conduct ad-hoc market research and explore large knowledge repositories in real time (using the award-winning synchronization mechanisms of the visual dashboard). The new ASAP Project funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Program will further extend these capabilities. It will go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to processing big data archives and develop an "Adaptable Scalable Analytics Platform".
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