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Visual Topic and Query Definition

Topic Wizard - A Kind of Magic

We are proud to present Topic Wizard, a radically new and interactive way to define topics and search queries. Setting up your content feeds has never been easier.

July also marks the official launch of the Language Quiz, a crowdsourcing game developed within the uComp project to acquire and evaluate sentiment lexicons.

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Topic Wizard

Visual Editor | Feature of the Month. Effective topic management goes beyond simple keyword searches. One needs to consider synonyms, singular and plural versions of a term, and other grammatical variations. The Topic Wizard supports this process and helps create powerful query definitions with just a few clicks (using a dialog for prefix and suffix extension as well as graph visualizations).
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Language Quiz | Game with a Purpose. This new social media application asks users whether they perceive specific keywords and sentences as positive, neutral, or negative. The user feedback from this crowdsourcing game helps to build sentiment lexicons and to continuously evaluate the accuracy of sentiment analysis algorithms, which are central building blocks of Web intelligence solutions.
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Media Coverage

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Sep 3-5
INES 2015
Intelligent Engineering Systems
Bratislava, Slovakia

September 15-17
Semantic Systems
Vienna, Austria

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