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Newsletter July 2014

Visualizing Relations

To identify opinion leaders and reveal influential factors in online communications, the webLyzard platform accurately detects known entities (persons, organizations, locations) in news and social media. The Entity Map is a powerful visual tool to explore these entities - e.g., to analyze how the public appearances of a company's CEO impact its perceived relation to competitors and associated topics.

The new diagram complements extended versions of the search and data export modules that also make use of the automatically extracted entity data. It is currently being evaluated together with selected customers, a showcase of the new feature will be made available in August 2014.

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Entity Map | Feature of the Month. To develop a deeper understanding of online communications, the Entity Map grants analysts an unprecedented look into the complex and influential relations around entities and topics of interest. It uses a radial convergence diagram in the center of the graph in conjunction with an outer line chart with a radial imposition. The two methods have been carefully combined to produce a cohesive and balanced visualization tool.
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Site Relaunch | New Layout with Responsive Web Design. We are proud to unveil the new design of our Web site, which comes with a number of content updates and technical improvements. We have migrated the site to a cloud environment, added dynamic JavaScript elements, and adopted a responsive design strategy to provide an optimal user experience, independent of whether the site is being accessed from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
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