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Tapping into the Wisdom of Crowds

Cross-Media Analysis

By teaching automated systems to interpret the sentiment of phrases the way a human does, the Climate Challenge combines collective human intelligence and automated knowledge extraction methods in a symbiotic fashion.

The Source Map is a unique way to embed the extracted knowledge in cross-media analyses, and is the Feature of the month of the Helmeted Basilisk release (2015-03).

Cross-Media Analysis


Source Map | Feature of the Month. In order to reveal patterns and trends across online sources, the scatterplot contrasts the editorial positions of content providers (news and social media, NGOs, corporations, etc.) in a two-dimensional display. The latest version of this visual component comes with a new look and feel, provides tooltips and optional labels for each data point, and shows changes in the data point distribution via animated transitions whenever a new search is triggered.
Climate Challenge

Serious Games

Climate Challenge | The Wisdom of Crowds. This new community application launched on March 25 not only creates awareness and builds climate literacy, but also helps to improve the analytic capabilities of the Media Watch on Climate Change. The collected data teaches the system how to interpret the meaning and sentiment of words and phrases. The game has been developed for NOAA and the DecarboNet research project, using the uComp crowdsourcing engine.

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