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Newsletter September 2013

Knowledge Co-Creation

This month we take a closer look at the future of work, and how Web-based collaboration support fosters social innovation and simplifies content production. A new article in IEEE Internet Computing presents a document editor with instant content suggestions based on webLyzard's stack of semantic technologies.

For the 2013-09 release ("Brown Basilisk"), our team of developers also aimed at increasing the transparency of sentiment analysis. They extended the visualization library to synchronize the topic management section with line and pie charts, added interactive controls to edit document annotations, and integrated a metadata view to shed light on how sentiment is being computed.

Data Flow

Social Innovation

From Web Intelligence to Knowledge Co-Creation | IEEE Internet Computing. Advances in social computing have driven a new culture of participation. webLyzard supports the creation of documents through cooperation and social exchange. Its real-time content recommendations enable implicit information seeking by inferring informational needs from users’ actions rather than their explicit queries.


Chart Library | Feature of the Month. Four icons in the header of the trend chart window provide access to a range of new display functions including synchronized pie charts with adaptive tooltips, optional grid lines for the line chart, time series baselines - calculated either as mean value over the selected interval, or as running average over 30 or 60 days, and a maximize button to increase the size of the window.
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