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Newsletter November 2013

Be the Movement

A series of international events provided opportunities to demonstrate the recently introduced WYSDOM success metric not only to our corporate partners and clients, but also to representatives of international government agencies and leading research organizations.

These events included Be the Movement, a workshop of the World Bank's Connect4Climate initiative organized as part of the 2013 UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, the kickoff meeting of DecarboNet - a new research project in the European 7th Framework Program, and a workshop with communication experts of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), who are among the early adopters of the WYSDOM metric and have contributed to its development and calibration.

Image by Ivo Dukic, Winner of the Voices4Climate Competition

COP19 Workshop

Be the Movement |  The Connect4Climate (C4C) group of the World Bank invited webLyzard's Managing Director, Arno Scharl, to present the state of the art in Web intelligence, outline its potential to reach and engage new and broad audiences, and discuss missing ingredients in large-scale communication campaigns. The event brought together civil society, public outreach and campaign managers, and the corporate sector to identify strategies for igniting global movements.
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DecarboNet Logo

Research Project

DecarboNet | A Platform for Citizen Empowerment and Translating Collective Awareness into Behavioral Change. This European FP7 research project develops novel methods to analyze the structure and determinants of virtual communities. Its core innovations are built around a repository of carbon reduction strategies. webLyzard will provide the platform to refine this repository through citizen-generated content in a societal feedback loop that supports social innovation.
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