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Newsletter December 2013

Expanding Horizons

What better way to celebrate the end of the year and the upcoming holiday season than with Chinese Water Dragon, the new 2013-12 release and another leap forward in webLyzard's decision support capabilities? This month, the spotlight is on "Expanding Horizons" and the central role of research projects in developing these capabilities.

Several large-scale projects acquired in the past twelve months provide a solid resource base for R&D activities over the next three years and will help to further increase our rate of innovation - we currently have several open positions for researchers and software developers to achieve the ambitious goals of these projects.

Decision Support

WYSDOM | Feature of the Month. The first major upgrade to the hybrid success metric provides extended tooltips and enables a seamless integration of server access statistics - e.g. visits and page views from an existing Google Analytics account. This allows communication professionals and campaign managers to analyze successful strategies in terms of their impact on both content production (e.g., news articles and social media coverage) and content consumption (e.g., level of user activity on corporate Web sites).
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Research Corner

Success Stories | Past, Present and Future. The webLyzard platform helped to acquire more than EUR 4.5 million in funding via competitive calls for advanced knowledge extraction and Web intelligence systems from European (EU 7th Framework Programme, CHIST-ERA) and national funding programs (Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austrian Science Fund, BMVIT, Climate and Energy Fund). These programs have been instrumental in developing and evolving our portfolio of semantic technologies.
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Upcoming Events

Dec 24-25
Happy Holidays from the
webLyzard team

Jan 6-9
HICSS 2014
Decision Support for Sustainability
Hawaii, USA

Jan 15-16
Horizon 2020
Data Value Chain and Language Technologies
Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Jan 15-16
Big Data Innovation Summit
Las Vegas, USA

Jan 15-17
Big Comp 2014
Big Data and Smart Computing
Bangkok, Thailand
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