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From the many new features of the June 2017 release, the report generator will have the most profound impact on business intelligence workflows. It decouples the visual tools of webLyzard from its interactive dashboard, unlocking a wide range of new application scenarios.

May 2017 also marked the highly successful completion of PHEME, a major European research initiative to detect fake news and online rumors. Results were presented in a keynote at e-Day 2017, Austria's largest e-Business event.

PDF Sample Report

PDF Reports

Report Generator | Feature of the Month. The new reporting tool summarizes analytic results using webLyzard’s portfolio of high-quality visualizations. It produces professionally designed PDF reports optimized for print output. Such reports widen the target group of the platform beyond the users of the interactive dashboard, supporting many new application scenarios. They can serve as weekly management updates, for example, or as comprehensive on-the-fly summaries of recent events or market movements.
e-Day 2017 Presentation

e-Day 2017

Fake News | Automated Analysis and Verification of Digital Communication. The PHEME project achieved an overall evaluation of Excellent - the highest distinction awarded to EU funded projects. Selected project highlights were presented in an e-Day 2017 keynote at the Austria Center Vienna. Politics and sustainability examples showed how to analyze echo chamber effects and visualize the stance of Twitter postings - i.e., whether they support or deny an unverified claim, and how they relate to evolving stories.
Austria Center Vienna

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