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Use Cases and Tutorials

To unlock the full potential of webLyzard's advanced decision support tools like the Brand Reputation Radar (Feature of the Month), users can refine queries and topics on the fly to obtain accurate results that are free of ambiguities and reflect their latest communication goals.

Supporting users in this refinement process is the goal of our first two tutorials, which mark the start of a new article series that presents use cases and hands-on examples of how to get the most out of the webLyzard platform.

Brand Reputation Radar

Decision Support

Brand Reputation Radar | Feature of the Month. The February release brings a major update to the Brand Reputation Radar, one of our most popular decision support tools. The new features include an extended settings panel to select brand dimensions and similarity measures, tooltips to explore the context of data points, and area shading to facilitate the comparison of brand perceptions. Leveraging the real-time capabilities of the webLyzard dashboard, the Brand Reputation Radar excels at providing reliable metrics on the fly.
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webLyzard Tutorials

Use Cases

Tutorials | A Better Way to Search. At webLyzard, we aim to take our analysts from beginner to expert as quickly as possible. Our new tutorials are designed to support this process. The first tutorial tackles information retrieval, from writing effective queries to analyzing results. The second tutorial conveys a deeper understanding of topics and term lists, and explains how to use regular expressions. These tutorials aim to enrich your user experience - stay tuned for many more on the way.
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