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Newsletter August 2013

Data Treasures

This !nsight newsletter is devoted to the most important asset of Web intelligence applications: high quality data, with a special focus on the flexible delivery of this asset following either a pull (data export) or push (automated notifications) strategy.

We continuously refine methods to utilize the collected information resources, including annotations along multiple dimensions. These methods complement the visual dashboard's interactive features. The 2013-06.2 release bundles the various data export functions and provides extended e-mail alerts to deliver customized summaries and clipping services right to your inbox.

Data Flow

Flexible Delivery

Data Export | Time Series and Clippings for assessing trends and exporting search results into external tools such as MS Excel and statistical packages (supports a variety of data formats including PDF, HTML, CSV and XLSX).
E-Mail Client Overview

Push Notification

E-Mail Alerts | Feature of the Month. Summary Alerts send one e-mail to report frequency and sentiment across selected topics. Clipping Alerts use separate e-mails to deliver the documents' content in customizable intervals.
!nsight Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Sep 6-8
SchumBeta 2013 (in German)
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy
Vienna, Austria

Sep 18
FFG Forum 2013 (in German)
Competitive Advantage through Research
Vienna, Austria

Sep 23
Pathos 2013
Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Darmstadt, Germany

Oct 21-25
ISWC 2013
International Semantic Web Conference
Sydney, Australia
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