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U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

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Following a presentation by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on 17 Nov 2014, the White House released the Climate Resilience Toolkit - a new decision support initiative that uses webLyzard's search and visualization services.

webLyzard provides two components, a public search function to locate the most relevant content across U.S. government web sites, and a visual analytics platform to continuously improve the toolkit's knowledge repository.

Logo of Climate Resilience Toolkit

Semantic Search

Toolkit | Quick Access to Climate Knowledge. The system was developed in response to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to help prepare for climate-related changes and extreme events. The portal is a public entry point for all stakeholders to access authoritative information about the impacts of climate change, with tools to help people plan and take initiative. webLyzard powers the Toolkit’s faceted search function, designed to help visitors quickly locate the most relevant content both within the Toolkit and across all the U.S. federal government’s web sites.
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Photos of Research Team

Visual Analytics

Dashboard | Knowledge Extraction and Visual Tools. Automated methods enrich the documents collected from the websites of federal agencies with high-quality metadata. Communication experts then explore the gathered content using webLyzard’s visualization services. This allows them to identify new climate resources and extend the knowledge repository of the Toolkit. Two current research projects, ASAP and DecarboNet, will help to evolve the underlying platform - with a focus on interactive visual tools scalable enough to explore large information spaces.
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US Vice President Joe Biden
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