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Newsletter October 2013

Success Measures

How can Web intelligence technologies provide effective decision support and improve strategic positioning to achieve a competitive advantage? WYSDOM, a novel framework to evaluate the success of communication campaigns of enterprises and government agencies, addresses this question. It builds on a unique combination of quantitative and visual methods that goes beyond even the most advanced sentiment analysis and opinion mining approaches.

The WYSDOM metric is part of the 2013-09.2 release, to be presented at WebMedia-2013, the 19th Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web (Salvador, 5-8 Nov 2013; the full text of the article is available online).

Data Flow

Success Metric

WYSDOM | webLyzard Stakeholder Dialog and Opinion Model. A hybrid metric to assess whether communication goals have been reached - measuring the impact of outgoing messages and tracking the resulting patterns in online coverage. Semantic similarity computations show whether a brand was associated with desired topics considered important and in line with evolving communication goals, and whether undesired topics were avoided successfully.
E-Mail Client Overview

X-Media Analytics

Source Map | Feature of the Month. Comparative analyses of patterns and trends across online sources shed light on the editorial bias of news media, and diverging perceptions of various stakeholders (social media users, competitors, etc.). The Source Map provides an interactive scatterplot to analyze the editorial position towards a topic - including term frequency (horizontal axis), sentiment (vertical axis), reach (marker size), and set of metadata (marker color).
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Upcoming Events

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WebMedia 2013
Multimedia and the Web
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Dec 12-13
SMAP 2013
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Bayonne, France

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