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Computing A Glimpse of the Future

Predictive Analytics

The ability to forecast future trends through knowledge extraction methods is a major R&D focus of webLyzard. This includes the two digital journalism initiatives ReTV and SONAR, recently presented at the annual summit of the Global Editors Network, and the new EcoMove project that will anticipate mobility bottlenecks to avoid overcrowding and promote more sustainable behavior.

Another sustainability project, the visual analytics platform built for UN Environment, showcases our latest software release Panther Chameleon - including extended PDF reporting and a range of other new features.

EcoMove Mobility Research Project


EcoMove | Knowledge-Based Platform to Predict Mobility Bottlenecks. Incorporating the insights from our SDG and Climate Resilience initiatives, the EcoMove project will develop knowledge-based solutions for sustainable movement in smart cities. These solutions will provide customized information about mobility options. Citizens, visitors and professional stakeholders will gain access to real-time mobility recommendations, for example to plan and prioritize necessary travel. The City of Vienna will serve as our use case, but the developed methods will be generic and applicable to other cities and regions as part of future projects.
GEN Summit 2018 Presentation © Rainer Mirau for Global Editors Network

Digital Journalism

GEN Summit 2018 | Global Editors Network. With keynotes by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales and Greg Barber from the Washington Post, the GEN Summit 2018 attracted more than 800 senior news executives, editors-in-chief, startup CEOs, and media innovators from over 70 countries. In a panel on newsroom strategies to fight misinformation, Arno Scharl from webLyzard presented insights from ongoing research projects on the use of semantic search technologies for media organizations. This included the projects PHEME, InVID and ReTV funded by the European Commission, as well as SONAR funded by the Google News Initiative.


06-2018 Release
Panther Chameleon

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