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Horizon Europe and the Green Deal

Start of the New EU Flagship Funding Program

Horizon Europe is the European Union’s flagship funding program with a total budget of EUR 100 billion. The EU Green Deal is a central element of this program. It provides clear pathways to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while fostering growth and generating competitive advantages for deep tech SMEs such as webLyzard.

To prepare for the next funding round, expected to open at the end of June, we have produced a new video tutorial to showcase the capabilities of the latest "Thorny Devil" release of our visual analytics dashboard - using COVID-19 vaccines and the global race to herd immunity to illustrate its various interactive features.

Cognitive Computation Journal Article

Emotion Detection

Artificial Intelligence

The latest version of the WYSDOM success metric is an excellent example of EU-funded innovation. It uses affective models to measure and classify how brands and products are perceived across digital channels. Our new "Cognitive Computation" journal article introduces methods to improve the quality of such models. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with the robustness of lexical methods and knowledge graphs. Specific models that capture desired and undesired associations can be created on the fly, for example during a client workshop.

Horizon Europe 2021-2027

Research Frontiers

Sustainable Innovation

Recently completed EU projects such as ReTV (reviewed as "excellent", the highest distinction awarded by the EU) and sustainability platforms developed for NOAA and the United Nations put our team in a strong position for the upcoming Horizon Europe calls. We can participate not only as a technology partner and content provider, but also as a dissemination work package leader - e.g., providing real-time semantic analyses of the public debate to increase the visibility and societal impact of a project in iterative Co-Creation and Engagement Cycles.

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