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Automated Rumor and Emotion Detection

Telling Fact from Fiction

Unpredictable characters, political intrigues and complex social relations are key ingredients behind the success of HBO’s TV fantasy series Game of Thrones. The result is an active exchange across social media platforms. With Westeros Sentinel, webLyzard now provides a visual dashboard to explore the heated discussions and spirited debates among the fans of the series.

Fiction of a different kind is the realm of our PHEME project, which organized a workshop on automated methods to detect rumors and deception in social media. The workshop was part of the 24th International World Wide Web Conference, the foremost annual gathering of Web pioneers and Internet evangelists.
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Westeros Sentinel | Online Coverage about HBO's Game of Thrones. Web intelligence conveys a better understanding of viewer engagement by analyzing streams of user-generated content. We have chosen the popular television series Game of Thrones as a showcase, as it has established a reputation for lively and animated discussions via social media platforms. This webLyzard showcase allows analyzing the impact of new episodes, and tracking opinions about the series and its fictional characters.
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RDSM Workshop | Rumors and Deception in Social Media. Decision makers often need to act upon information from social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. These sources come with a major caveat, however, as they cannot always be trusted. Rumors tend to spread rapidly through social networks, in circumstances where their veracity is hard to establish. The RDSM workshop addressed this challenge, presenting computational methods to build virtual "lie detectors" that assess the veracity of emerging online stories.
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