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Brand and Campaign Analytics

Major Dashboard Extension

When it comes to visual media analytics, the requirements of communication experts can vary widely. The workflow for an in-depth investigation of a brand, person or emerging issue is very different from benchmarking competitors or segmenting results by content source, region or language. The 2019-06 release introduces two distinct portal modes for these scenarios, drill-down and topic comparison.

Based on Crunchbase funding statistics, webLyzard was recently ranked among the Top 3 AI Startups in Austria. This highlights our artificial intelligence work in the ongoing R&D projects EPOCH, EVOLVE and ReTV, which will add further portal modes for AI-powered prediction.

Dashboard Configuration and Mode Selection

Visual Analytics

Dashboard | Color Coding for Topic Comparisons. The new portal mode uses up to eight different colors to segment online coverage by brand, person, source type, country, language or by any other metadata attribute available via the left sidebar. Highly flexible and customizable, this boosts the platform's capabilities as compared to earlier releases that used color coding exclusively for depicting positive or negative sentiment. The source and entity lists (as well as the scatter plot as their visual representation) have been extended accordingly, using stacked horizontal bar charts to reflect the distribution of search results.
EU 2019 Election Result - Source:

EU Election 2019

SONAR Project | InfoViz for Political Communication. Tracking the Austrian lead candidates for the EU Election proved to be an ideal use case for the new portal mode, particularly as the election coincided with a turbulent month in Austrian politics that has seen the collapse of the previous government and the announcement of an early legislative election in September. The SONAR research project continues webLyzard's long tradition of analyzing the public debate surrounding political events and campaigns. It will provide analytic results and visualizations on the upcoming Austrian election and the US Presidential Election in November 2020.


2019-06 Release
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