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US Election 2020 Web Monitor

Tracking the Media Impact of Political Campaigns 

Like no other presidency in recent history, Donald Trump has polarized the electorate and the resulting media coverage. How is this unusual presidential race perceived by citizens and stakeholders? To answer this question, the US Election 2020 Web Monitor analyses more than five million documents per month from social media platforms, stakeholder Web sites and news outlets in English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

The Election Monitor is just one of the showcases presented in our new slide deck, which also outlines the content processing workflow of the webLyzard platform and compares the available impact metrics to measure communication success.

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Trump vs. Biden

Presidential Race

Heated online discussions reflect the prevalence of filter bubbles in the public debate - among US voters and within the global online community. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent events such as the corona cluster in the White House introduce additional uncertainties. The media impact of such events is amplified by statements from both sides that keep fueling the online discussions. Opinion mining and Web intelligence solutions are uniquely positioned to analyze such phenomena.

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Trend Charts

for Content Metrics

The chart is an advanced data exploration tool with dynamic transitions and interactive tooltips to inspect unusual patterns. Content metrics include Frequency, Share of Voice, Impact, Sentiment and Disagreement to reveal contested topics. The chart menu also provides access to the WYSDOM success metric and the Story Graph to highlight major document clusters over time. Data export features and a REST API support external applications such as data warehouses, AI tools and statistical packages.

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