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Story Detection and Visualization

Tomorrow Starts Here

webLyzard celebrated its 10-Year Anniversary not only by moving to a new office in the heart of Vienna's 9th district, but also with a user story in the Elastic blog about our work for the United Nations, the launch of the US Midterms 2018 Web Monitor, two exhibits at international flagship events, and a new platform release that includes story detection and visualization capabilities as a major new feature.

The end of the year also marks the successful completion of the EU H2020 Innovation Action InVID (In Video Veritas), and the start of the big data projects EPOCH and EVOLVE. With a total funding of more than EUR 10 million, the latter represents our largest R&D collaboration to date.

Story Graph Visualization

Visual Tools

Story Graph | Detecting and Visualizing Emerging Stories. The new release introduces a highly scalable component to cluster documents in real time, across multiple languages and content sources. For each cluster (= story), the system determines its origin and computes the most appropriate keyword labels. The results are shown as a streamgraph together with a list of top stories - including a lead article, related documents, and a headline to indicate keywords and cluster size. The InVID project produced a short video tutorial that shows how story detection has been integrated into the webLyzard dashboard.
Elastic User Story - UN Environment Web Intelligence

User Stories

Elastic Blog | Visual Exploration of Sustainability Communication. We are proud that the Elastic blog has recently chosen a user story about our work for UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, as one of its lead stories. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange since its successful IPO in October 2018, Elastic provides a leading distributed search engine that has served as a key enabler for our various data services since 2014. Additional details about how to best leverage the capabilities of Elasticsearch to build advanced visual analytics dashboards were presented at the Vienna Elasticsearch Meetup.


2018-12 Release
Queensland Lizard

New Office [Map]
Liechtensteinstrasse 41/26
1090 Vienna, Austria

Open Positions
Software Developers
Project Manager

Media Coverage
Medianet, 05 Nov
Horizont, 31 Oct



Dec 13
Elastic Meetup
webLyzard and FABulous Data in Elasticsearch
Vienna, Austria

Dec 4-6
EU ITC-2018
Digital Connect Europe,
Exhibit and Press Tour

Vienna, Austria

Sep 13-18
IBC Show 2018
Media, Entertainment and Technology Exhibition
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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