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Capturing Emotions in the Public Debate

Corona Mood Barometer

What drives the public debate and how are government responses to COVID-19 perceived in different countries? Opinion mining helps to answer such questions. Our recent advances in sentiment analysis and automatic emotion detection reveal the most memorable and controversial events, both within Austria and internationally.

The 2020-06 release "Sagebrush Lizard" bundles these opinion mining capabilities with an extensive list of more than 30 new features. Dashboard animations for evolving datasets, adaptive geomap reloading, semantic scatterplots and a rapidly growing knowledge graph are just the tip of the iceberg.

Wheel of Emotion

Opinion Mining

Wheel of Emotions

Affective models such as Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions allow a fine-grained analysis of social perceptions, beyond the comparatively simple distinction of positive vs. negative sentiment. The model distinguishes 24 human emotions such as Joy, Fear and Anger. In situations where even such a granular standard model does not suffice, the WYSDOM Success Metric computes desired and undesired semantic associations, tailored to an organization's specific situational context.

Corona Virus

COVID-19 Analysis

Key Trends in Q2 2020

Which stories accompany us as many countries come out of lockdown? Using state-of-the-art story detection methods to identify the latest trends, the Corona Mood Barometer reveals significant differences in how lockdown and social distancing measures are perceived. In stark contrast to the dire global situation, the decreasing number of infections and easing of confinement in Austria and other European countries have brought a glimmer of hope and joy.

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