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Advanced Drill-Down Capabilities

Intelligence is in the Details

Big data is here, but actionable intelligence is in the details - communication experts need flexible mechanisms to explore public dialog at different levels of abstraction.

Our new release extends the drill-down capabilities of the cross-media analysis module, from global comparisons all the way down to individual social media profiles. It also adds custom base layers for a fine-grained rendering of search results in their immediate geographic context.

Source Map

Social Media

Source Statistics | Cross-Media Analysis. webLyzard has been offering tools to compare online coverage by source for many years (e.g., the ratio of Twitter vs. Facebook postings on specific topics). The new version increases the achievable granularity of this analysis with detailed metadata tables, visual comparisons of selected metrics via scatterplots, and data export functions to use these metrics in third-party applications.
Geographic Map Thumbnail


GeoMap | Details on Demand. Simple vector shapes are great for getting a quick overview, but can sometimes lack the desired level of detail - e.g. when focusing on a city like Vienna, where landmarks and district borders are important points of reference. By adding such geographic details "on demand", custom base layers enrich the interactive display - a feature that is currently tested in our ASAP and UNEP Live projects.
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New Release

Iguana Tooth
(August 2015)


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