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There is a correlation between how we see ourselves and the success we are able to manifest. The Bible says that a person is as they are by how they think of themselves in their heart (Proverbs 23:7)--the deep places of their humanity. Often our view of ourselves limits or restrains our ability to soar in the destiny created for us by God.

The following post by Michael Hyatt exemplifies this, but the video that goes with this is powerful. I've provided the link below--please watch it; it's only about six and a half minutes long.

Great Leaders Help People See Themselves as They Are

Most of the people I have led through the years were totally committed, hard-working, and exceptionally bright. But that’s not how they usually saw themselves.
Maybe this is because of our educational system with its relentless focus on where students are weak or missing the mark. Or maybe it is the mass media with the emphasis on superstar athletes, actors, and musicians.
What if our job as leaders was, in part, to help our people see themselves for who they truly are. This starts by noticing and affirming their strengths, talents, and positive performance.
They’re better than they think. Our job is to help them see that and tap into it.
Click here to watch the powerful video.

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What is Servant Leadership?

The skills of influencing people to enthusiastically work toward goals identified as being for the common good, with character that inspires confidence.
--James C. Hunter
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