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Investing into Changemakers


Karen Corr and Trevor Budge announcing Outside the Square 2015

We are thrilled to announce our innovative 2015 Outside the Square community discussion series. The first coming up in June, in partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo, Birchgrove Property and Arbor Estates. Karen is pictured with Trevor Budge, Manager of Strategy, City of Greater Bendigo.

This year Outside the Square has a theme of "Active Spaces". share on Twitter

The theme Active Spaces is relevant to Bendigo on so many levels. From the design and adaptability of our own homes to enable active living, to how we connect with our neighbourhood and local open spaces, to the revitalization of unused buildings and public participation to liven up our streets. We want you to get involved - contact us for more info.

Get inspired with our 7 ways business can invest into changemakers.  We have taken real life examples of business making big impact in community with changemakers.  Changemakers provide so much value to their community it really makes sense to enable changemakers to grow and expand their impact.
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To support business who invest into changemakers we have developed a great tool to help you track your supportDownload here. share on Twitter

Changemakers Geoff O'Sullivan and Derek de Vrieze recognise the value of diversity in our community to make change possible.Their stories demonstrate the power of bringing leaders together with different skills and cultures, yet share a common passion to make a difference.

Make a Change would love to hear from you and your change project.Karen is about to depart on an Australian tour and is gathering stories and tools for her how-to-book for changemakers. Enjoy our April newsletter and make a change!

Karen Corr & the Make a Change team.

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Welcome to our Changemaker Showcase. 

Do you know someone making change happen in your community or business? 
Share their story with us & we will profile them in our next newsletter
Bike Bendigo made up of diverse passionate bike locals
Changemaker and chair of Bike Bendigo, Geoff O'Sullivan, heads a group of people passionate about bikes.

"Outside the Square was the momentum that brought together different and diverse interested parties to realise Bike Bendigo".

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bankmenu are making a change by invensting into indigenous leaders in the community of Loddon Mallee
"The bankmecu indigenous scholarship with the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program, takes essential steps towards closing the gap of 17 years life expectancy between Australia's first peoples and other Australians," Derek de Vrieze, Community Development Manager for bankmecu, proudly explains.

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6 Ways Business Can Invest into Changemakers

7 Innovative Ways Business Invest into Changemakers.


1. Partner or Sponsor Capacity Building Programs

Read our case study on bankmecu indigenous scholarship with the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program

2. Donation of Time Via Mentoring or Skills Training

Brien Baxter recognises that he has a lot to share and gives his time to changemakers

3. Donation of Funds Towards a Project

McKern Steel share the impact of their foundation for both their community & their employees

4. Donation of Funds Towards the Needs of the Changemaker

AMP Foundation understands there are many passionate and committed individuals who want to bring about change.

5. Provide an internship

Providing an internship is a great way to provide a changemaker hands on experience in the business world.

6. Build an entire organisation to assist changemakers

Jan Owen, Foundation for Young Australians. Has spent her life investing her time into supporting and empowering young changemakers. Now as CEO as FYA she is growing an entire organisation to keep doing this.

7. Partner with Make a Change Australia

In 2015 your business can invest into changemakers via a contribution to one or more of Make a Change Australia's upcoming initiatives

• Outside the Square  - a community engagement initiative addressing challenges
• Host an Expand Your Impact in your community or within a community group you support
• Lets Nut it Out - a peer to peer training opportunity for social entrepreneurs and startups
• Mentoring and One on One Coaching for Changemakers



Thank you to AMP who supplied the image of Rob Caslic - engineer and social innovator



Outside the Square 2015 Program in Central Victoria

Announcing Outside the Square.

We are thrilled to announce that this year Make a Change is running our successful Outside the Square program once again in Bendigo.

We will run a series of events with the overarching theme of "Active Spaces".

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2014 Make a Change Australia Survey Outcomes

Measure Impact.

Make a Change has developed a great tool to help track and celebrate the contribution you are making to changemakers in your community.

Download our Tool to Track Investment into Changemakers Resource.

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AMP's Tomorrow Fund now seeking applications from changemakers

Tomorrow Fund.

The AMP Foundation are offering $1 million in grants to help amazing Australians who are doing great things.

AMP is looking for Australians who are working hard to make a difference in their chosen field. Artists, inventors, social innovators, musicians and more can apply. Applications close 14 May.

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Karen Corr reflects on the future of leadership

The Future of Leadership.

Recently I was invited to speak on a panel with the Community Leadership Loddon Mallee Program.

I shared four different types of leadership I see evolving to address future needs, issues and opportunities.

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Karen is about to start writing a book about being a Changemaker

Being a Changemaker.

My family and I are going on a road trip in the middle of the year.

Part of the trip is to explore Australia, spend time together, experience a different way of life travelling with a camper van.

Part of it is also for me to write. I've had this desire to write a book about "Being a Changemaker. A collection of stories and resources for anyone who is up for making a difference.

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