Capers, Caperberries, Pantelleria 

It's the fruit of the caper plant!
Caper plants grow between cracks and crevices. As the plants grow, they form flower buds, aka capers! 

If left on the vine to grow, the caper buds become gorgeous flowers, like this

When the flowers wilt and fall away, the caperberries grow. They are the fruit of the caper plant! 

It's as simple as that. 
Cucunci is the Italian word for caperberries. There are so many wonderful ways to eat cucunci. Some of our favorites include: as an antipasto, in a martini or a bloody mary; and as Julia della Croce recommends, with grilled meat

Pantelleria is the small Sicilian island where the very best caperberries come from, always in Trapani sea salt. 
Pantelleria Caperberries
in Sea Salt

bag of 500gr (1.1lb)
jar of 100gr  (3.5oz)
Pantelleria Capers 
in Sea Salt 

bag of 500gr (1.1lb)
Buying note: give caperberries and capers a good rinse before eating! 
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