Five-Star Rated Italian Foods
The much awaited Rosengarten Report is out and Gustiamo is the first of three Italian food importers. We are speechless by what David Rosengarten has to say about our foods.

You should all sign up for The Rosengarten Report. We are so happy to have it back. It's one of the best gastronomic literary sources available today, imho.

Without further adieu, here are our Rosengarten Report five-star rated products:
"There is no doubt in my mind: this small, imported, refrigerated jar is far and away the best pesto available in the U.S." Buy here.
"Glass jar stuffed with fat, bright red cherry tomatoes in a natural juice.The flavors are astonishing: wild, deep, ancient, sweet-and-sour" 
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"Il Tratturello, from Molise, on Italy’s east coast; very Tuscan-like wheatgrass and cucumber notes, with a lively, spicy-bitter finish"
Buy here.
"The intensity is insane... I love to use colatura as  a tiny sprinkle on quiet fish dishes that need a little pepping up"
Buy here.
"I’m goin’ with Vialone Nano... the most distinctive regional Italian rice available to Americans. And Gustiamo’s is the best one I've tried"
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"A Sicilian oil I’ve loved for many years... a little gentler, softer... fruit and mouth-caressing richness flag it for me as a lovely grilled-fish oil" Buy here.
"Mama Mia! The intensity beyond the pre-fileted ones people usually buy is amazing... terrific texture: meaty and velvety"
Buy here.
"The Vicopisano From Tuscany, very rich, more yellow than you’d expect, with crazy extra flavors (like pumpkin, mineral, spice)"
Buy here.
"Made 45 minutes south of Rome; if you like your oil yellower milder, this one’s for you... one of the best everyday table oils"  
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