Introducing Speedo Shineâ„¢ by Misfit
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Speedo Shineâ„¢, developed by Misfit and Speedo, is a fitness, swim, and sleep tracker that is waterproof to 50 meters and has special swim tracking capabilities. Speedo Shine tracks a swimmer's lap count and swim distance with industry-leading accuracy and works for all stroke types. In addition to swimming, Speedo Shine tracks walking, running, cycling, and more, and automatically tracks light and deep sleep.
Speedo Shineâ„¢ syncs with the Misfit app for iOS and Android to show swim laps and distance, steps taken, and calories burned, as well as graphs and trends of activity and sleep over time. Speedo Shine never requires charging since it runs off a basic watch battery that lasts 6 months - making activity, sleep and swim tracking a seamless experience.
Waterproof to 50 meters and never requires charging. Speedo Shineâ„¢ provides one seamless experience. Made out of durable and beautiful anodized aluminum, it is extremely thin and comfortable. The new Speedo Shine comes in a unique pale silver color, Pure.

The new Speedo Shineâ„¢ will be available exclusively at, and Apple Stores for only $79.99 beginning September 1st, 2015. Watch out for it!
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