Financial District residential boom in full swing, data show

The Financial District is a slice of Gotham much changed from a decade ago. A look at some statistics offers a glimpse at how far it’s come as a residential neighborhood and provides a window of what’s ahead.

The Financial District’s residential population has nearly doubled, from 23,000 to 43,000, since 2000, according to data crunched by Queens College professor Andrew Beveridge and cited by the Times.

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Grub Street's Restaurant Power Rankings:
New Lobster Spots, Cherche Midi's Big Week, and More

Each week, Grub Street surveys the entire restaurant landscape of New York, crunches the numbers, and comes up with this: a list of the most-talked-about, must-visit places in the city. They might be new, or they could be older places that have gotten a recent jolt of buzz. No matter what, these are the restaurants where you should make a point to eat sooner rather than later

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Sales of existing homes rise to fastest rate since October
By Kent Hoover
Sales of existing homes rose 2.6 percent in June, topping an annual rate of 5 million for the first time since last October.  That’s according to the National Association of Realtors, which counts single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops in this total.
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3 Solutions to Serious Savings on Your Energy Bill
By Suze Orman
Highs of 87 degrees in Chicago. Ninety-eight in Atlanta. In Phoenix it’s 109! If  it’s hot and humid where you live this summer, chances are you’re sweating your next air conditioning bill as much as the heat itself.

The good news is making your home more energy-efficient is a great way to discover new savings. Those of you in cooler climes should pay attention as well—you know you’ll be spending big to stay warm when winter comes.

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Foreclosures at lowest level in eight years
By Diana Olick
Foreclosure activity in the U.S. housing market continued its downward trend and hit a new milestone last month, reports CNBC. The housing market in June posted the lowest level of foreclosure activity since 2006, according to RealtyTrac. Specifically, 107,194 U.S. properties had foreclosures filed last month.
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20 Quick Fixes You Can Do In Five Minutes or Less
By Jaymi Naciri
Think cleaning up or fixing up your place is an all-day - or all-weekend - effort? Well, you might be right depending on how long it's been since you spruced it up. But if you've let a few things get away from you and are feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing, take a beat, and a breath. By cutting the overall effort into smaller pieces, you can make a serious effort seem, well, effortless.
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Why Millennials Seem to Love Suburbia
By Carrie Rossenfeld
Reports of suburbia’s demise as a draw for Millennials are extremely premature—if applicable at all. According to a recent online poll asking why Millennials are rediscovering the virtues of life outside big urban centers as they enter a different life stage, 47% of respondents said the suburbs still corner the market on better services such as schools and property, and 42% said the cost of city living has made it harder to establish a family and career.
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10 Cool Ideas for Backyard Retreats and Playhouses
By Laura Gaskill
Summer is around the corner, and the outdoor world is beckoning. What better way to enhance outdoor living than with a cool new structure in the backyard? Whether you dream of lounging in a hammock in your own bugproof pavilion, hosting friends for the weekend in a revamped vintage Airstream ...
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How to assess a real estate agent
By Mary Beth Storjohann
Selling or buying a home can come with a lot of confusion. If you're in the market for a real estate agent, ask these questions to find the best fit:

• What's your experience? Know how long your agent has been in business, whether this is a full- or part-time job and if this professional specializes in your neighborhood or part of town (depending on the size of the area you live in). Ask the average length of time this agent's homes sit on the market ...

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Houzz Tour: See a Concrete House With a $0 Energy Bill
By Mitchell Parker
Damon Gray has spent 10 years building wood-frame homes. That’s exactly why he stayed away from wood framing when he built his own home. Wait, what? “I got sick of renovating homes that were falling down,” explains Gray, who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. “In B.C.
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Pace of existing-home sales picks up from May to June
By Teke Wiggin
Sales of existing homes and total housing inventory climbed in June as the housing market continued to trek towards a healthier state, the National Association of Realtors reported today.
Existing-home sales rose 2.6 percent from May to June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.04 million, but remained 2.3 percent below their level from a year ago, the trade group said.
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7 Ways to Help Kids Unplug from Technology
by Launa Schweizer

My childhood unfolded in the last few years BC (Before Computers). However, my own children and my students have lived their entire lives with bleeps and buzzes and signals from multiple channels of information. Parents and teachers alike worry about the impact that constant multitasking is having on children’s developing brains.

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