Four Preps News Flash from Bruce Belland!
May 6, 2017

Hello again!

Since sending out my latest newsletter, I’ve heard back from a great many of you asking the identity and background of the “real knockout of a blonde extra” I was attempting to make time with on the show.

Turns out she’s quite an interesting lady.

Her birth name was Angelina Farahkhan Gillespie.

She is one fourth Samoan, one fourth Scottish, one fourth Apache and one fourth Albino (which explains her blonde hair).

She was the illegitimate child from an illicit affair between her Mother, a nomadic sheep herder in the Gobi desert and an errant Lutheran missionary named Augustine “Barney” Gillespie, originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin where his father, a real estate speculator, had gained fame for originating the slogan, “It’s Oshkosh by Gosh.”

She ran away from home at 14 and ended up in London where, at age 18, she had a torrid affair with 94 year old J. Paul Getty and bore him twin sons named Enzo and Barney, the latter son who would ultimately become the first color blind Scorpio elected President of Honduras.

His twin brother Enzo who was an Eagle scout, ended up working for the Dept. of Fish and Game scouting Eagles.

After her London tryst with Getty cooled off, she put her sons up for adoption (one went to Mia Farrow!) and worked her way to New York as a Judo and macramé instructor on a cruise ship.

Once in Manhattan, she tried to enlist in the Marines, but was rejected because of a rare hearing disorder which does not allow her to hear any words containing a vowel.

She then hooked up with Andy Warhol but had her romantic dreams dashed when she discovered he was “no more interested in me than a can of soup!”

Heart broken, she earned her way to Hollywood on the 20th Century Limited working in black face as a Porter.

Once in L.A., she worked for a while as a wrestling referee until discovering the matches were rigged and refused to be part of it.

She then changed her name to “Chili Pepper” and hosted a cable T.V. cooking show featuring organic recipes of the native cuisine of Mexico and Nebraska.

It was on that show, she was spotted by Ozzie Nelson’s half brother Dizzy (who was also his gardener) and brought to Ozzie’s attention.

At the time she weighed close to 300 pounds. Ozzie soon took her under his wing, started her on a strict dietetic regimen and she ultimately weighed in at 138 svelte and very sexy pounds with a 48” bust.

At that point, Ozzie, who had been grooming her for a career as an extra, cast her as a “real knockout of a blonde extra” on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” much to Harriet’s consternation.

Her experience on the show was short-lived after she was sexually harassed by a fellow actor in ballet drag and walked off the show in a huff.

I’ve learned that since then, she has finally found happiness with one Caitlyn J. and now works as an Uber driver in Simi Valley.

Actually, NONE of the above is true, but since I have no idea of her true identity, I thought I’d give you something spicy to chew on.

Sorry, but I don’t know who she was or what happened to her.

I’ve got to go now. The voices in my head are starting again.

Till next time.


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