Four Preps News Flash from Bruce Belland!

March 31, 2018

Hello Newsletter friends!

You guys are spoiling me. You’re making these contests w-a-a-y too much fun with your guesses.

The answers have run the gamut – and Lord what a gamut it is.

So nice to know I have some fellow warped minds out there.

If you recall, this is the mystery object:

Ready for the weirdest guesses?

     “hardened cow pucky”

     “whoopee cushion with hemorrhoid booster” (why would
      anyone want to boost their hemorrhoid?!”)

     “eyeball cast of a prop from the epic movie “The Blob”

     “one of Groucho’s hats” (beret)

     “milk dud”

     “a curling stone” (lots of this answer—must have been
      the Winter Olympics!)

     “sound effect machine from “Down by the Station”

     “a seat cushion just after someone scared you real bad”

     “Ring in button from Name That Tune”

     “tacky button from Hollywood Squares”

     “a pipe ashtray”

     “old 45 record exposed to heat”

     “some kind of foot switch” (lots of this answer)

     “a place marker with slit for a name card”

     “Joey Heatherton’s left.. er… right nipple” (Joey Heatherton?!)

     “a bean bag chair someone left on a heater”

     “a licorice doo hicky”

     And one of my personal favorites,
     “a hockey puck that ate too much.”

Well, boys and girls, one reader got the answer exactly RIGHT, even including some insider terminology.

His answer: “The object is a poly vinyl chloride “biscuit” which will be flattened and pressed into a vinyl LP.”

In 1962, as The Four Preps live concert album “On Campus” was racing up the charts, we happened to pass through Scranton, Pennsylvania, and were invited to take a tour of the Capitol Records pressing plant located there.

As the proud plant manager showed us around, we approached one work station where gloved workers were carefully positioning each “biscuit” under a powerful press which would then descend and flatten it into an LP configuration.

The excess material around the edges was then trimmed off and voila… here’s another copy of “On Campus.”

It’s functioned as a paper weight on my desk for over fifty years and is always a subject of intense curiosity for friends who drop into my man cave for a visit.

So-o-o, I figured why not have some fun with all of you… and FUN it has been.

CDs to our four winners will go out this week as well as those I awarded to a few of you who guessed it was “the wax to make a record.”

That was close enough to win an LP.

Thank you dear readers for having fun with all this.

I’ll try to come up with another contest, but it won’t be easy to find another object quite as provocative as the “biscuit.”

All for now.

I’ll be back in touch soon.

Till then, take good care of yourself and each other.


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