Thursday, August 28 2014

After a summer full of excitement, weddings and babies here at SAP Startup Focus, we have also hosted four forums in the past month in locations across the globe. Read on to find out more about our events, how to attend our next one, as well as tips from our resident 'techspert'. And of course, your cartoon break.
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Interview with Kaustav, Paul, and Josh
On Tour in Toronto
by Daniel Zimmer
Startup Focus has traveled around this month - most recently to Toronto to meet with up-and-coming startups from north of the border. Catch up on the action and highlights of the day.
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Interview with Kaustav, Paul, and Josh
Get Discovered!
by Ron Wessels
Want your startup to have access to promotion through some of the world’s most prominent news outlets? Business Wire may be offering this opportunity to SFP members.
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Interview with Kaustav, Paul, and Josh
HANA Tech: Eclipse and HANA
by Eric Du
Are you a HANA developer, using a Mac or Windows operating system? Find out about the latest Eclipse plugin for SAP HANA users, and how to download it for both system users.
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Bartering and bargains
Call it the revenge of the bazaar... See how tech is changing the way we negotiate and do business. 
Build it or buy it?
David Sonnenschein talks about the merits and disadvantages of open source vs proprietary software.
Negotiation takes flight
Evolving Technologies Corporation is revolutionizing the collective bargaining process, using SAP HANA.
Flutura takes on IoT
CPO of Flutura, Derick Jose shares his SAP HANA experience in conjunction with the Internet of Things.
Innovation creation
Gigaom opened up at SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 on developing cutting edge ideas: watch CEO Paul Walborsky here.
Startups outside the US?
Uwe Wagner, of Tiburon Consulting, looks at ten things to consider before bringing your company into the US market.

Sep 3: CSS/Javascript - Kuala Lumpur
Sep 6: Design for IoT - HK
Sep 10: Architect AWS - Sydney
Sep 11: SFP Forum - NZ
Sep 13:
BarCamp - Phnom Penh
Sep 15:
SFP Forum (Big Data) - Sydney
Sep 17: Big Data Innovation - Sydney
Sep 23: TechInnovation - Singapore
Sep 3: Producing Data - Edinburgh, UK
Sep 5: Exec I/O Mobile - Cologne
Sep 6: Jday 2014 - Lviv, Ukraine
Sep 10:
SFP Forum - Paris
Sep 13:
SAP Inside Track - Sheffield, UK
Sep 15: SFP Forum - St. Petersberg
Sep 22: SFP Forum - Dublin
Sep 24: Data Science - London, UK
Sep 6: Machine Learning: Big Data - Austin, TX
Sep 12: DataWeek 2014 - San Francisco, CA
Sep 18:
Solution Architecture - Colombia
Sep 19: Startup Weekend - Brazil
Sep 23:
GraphLab Open House - Seattle, WA
Sep 23: MIT EmTech - Boston, MA
Sep 24: QCon Rio - Brazil
Sep 25: SFP Forum - Boston, MA

Kaustav Mitra - Fashion Disaster and Recovering Entrepreneur
Kaustav is the Global VP for SFP. When not adding to his ever expanding collection of sleeveless Nehru jackets he can be found obsessing over new ways to make SAP and SAP HANA ever more accessible to the startup community worldwide. An avid Science Fiction fan, he claims to have designed and launched the Startup Focus program in 2012 as his only way to live in the future today. For more of his odd musings on ‘technology, kebabs and startups’, say hi to him on Twitter at @KaustavMitra.

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