Aleks Swerdlow, Startup Focus Sr. Community ManagerHello Startup Focus fans! It's been a great month for Startup Forums with happy cities like Lisbon, Portugal and Prague, Czech Republic.  Look out for upcoming August forums near you and drop in on a HANA coder camp.

We made it into the Wall Street Journal! Here is trending July news from our startups: Global Business Intelligence recognizes Taulia. Basis Technology expands into North America. Get your news to trend, Post your news to the LinkedIn group post to the LinkedIn group.

Latest news and startup adventures are below but before you go on - a cartoon break

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The Adventures of Issue 7:
Events You Don't Want to Miss:

07/29/13: SAP Startup Forum - Bangalore, India
07/30/13: StampedeCon 2013 - St. Louis, USA
07/31/13: Startup Grind Seattle Hosts Oren Etzioni - Seattle, USA
07/31/13: Data Driven Conference - San Francisco, USA
08/01/13: Virtual SAP Startup Forum - Global
08/01/13: SAP Startup Forum - Hydebarad, India
08/01/13: eHealth Initiative's 2013 National Forum - Fort Washington, USA
08/01/13: Sunny Startup Getaway - Marrakesh, Morocco
08/05/13: SAP Startup Forum - Singapore, Singapore
08/06/13: SAP Startup Forum - Shanghai, China
08/08/13: Demystifying Big Data - Mountain View, USA
08/09/13: Startup Weekend - Tokyo, Japan
08/09/13: SAP Startup Forum - Sydney, Australia
08/09/13: SAP Startup Forum - London, England
08/14/13: GROW 2013 - Vancouver, Canada
08/14/13: Startup Weekend - Tehran, Iran
08/20/13: SVHealth Monthly Meetup - Sunnyvale, USA
08/22/13: SAP Startup Forum - Mumbai, India
08/22/13: SAP Startup Forum - Atlanta, USA
08/23/13: Startup Socials Party - San Francisco, USA
08/26/13: SAP HANA Toronto Meetup - Toronto, Canada
08/26/13: Very Large Data Bases 2013 - Riva del Garda, Italy
08/27/13: CIO Utilities Summit - Scottsdale, AZ, USA
08/29/13: SAP Startup Forum - Palo Alto, USA
08/29/13: SAP Startup Forum - Ahmedabad, India

Cool events not listed? Let us know.
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Meet the Startup Focus Team: Gary Parnell

Gary Parnell joins the SAP Startup Focus team to help European big data startups. You may have seen him at July's Startup Forum in Prague, Czech Republic, or Lisbon, Portugal. Gary brings with him an insider knowledge of enterprise sales, startups, and golf (hcap of 7.5 - wow). Drop by and get some advice on your backswing at the upcoming SAP Startup Forum in London, England, August 7th 2013.

A Once in a Lifetime Invitation for Semantic Visions

July 9th, 2013 SAP Startup Focus startup Semantic Visions made SAP history when Frantisek (FranK) Vrabel, CEO of Semantic Visions, met and pitched to the SAP Supervisory Board. Frank recounts his tale of excitement, surprise, and honor at being invited and given the opportunity to present to the "complete collective head of SAP". 

Read more about Semantic Visions at the SAP Supervisory Board

SAP HANA Powered Recycling

By: Liam Miller, Startup Focus Program at SAP

Real time disposal will become even more important as location driven mobile devices drive our decision making. By capitalizing on the investment in its recycling database, Vertigent plans to build further disposal solutions on top SAP HANA. Enabling real-time proper disposal of over 360 materials and making Vertigent the most comprehensive source of information of how and where to recycle virtually anything.
Read more about Vertigent's SAP HANA recycling solution

One Helluva Flight for Warwick Analytics

From London to Charlotte to Atlanta to Salt Lake City, all overnight to reach the prized destination of Silicon Valley. Dan Somers, of Warwick Analytics, raced across the world for the SAP Advisory Board meeting July 9th, 2013 in Palo Alto, USA. As an SAP HANA Startup Challenge winner, Dan got the chance of a lifetime to engage the executives of SAP "in vigorous debate about the virtues of in-memory computing". 

Read More about Warwick Analytics experience with the SAP Supervisory Board

Time Management through SAP HANA 

By: Brian Shanbhag, Developer for

New SAP Startup Focus member TimeGirl, reflects on the SAP journey so far and the future plans for smart time management through big data. How will TimeGirl do it?  Using SAP HANA's text based analytics to help predict correlations and more importantly causations, TimeGirl plans on isolating noise from signal to accurately recommend future events.

Read more about TimeGirl's time management solution

Big Company Insights on a Startup Budget 

By: Chak Kolli, Founder & CTO, Magile Software Inc.

Utilizing SAP HANA’s cloud deployment along side the real-time capabilities and predictive analytics algorithms, Magile Software plans to help deliver small Insurance companies large enterprise insight. Chak Kolli, Founder & CTO, Magile Software Inc. outlines their plan with SAP HANA.

Read more about how Magile Software can help small sized companies

HANA Curious? - the SPS 06 Deployment

By: Eric Du, HANA Development Expert for SAP Startup Focus

There are a number of new features and enhancements that have been made in the SPS 06 update for SAP HANA. The SPS 06 development edition has been made available in the SAP HANA Development Center, launch your own latest SAP HANA instance and try it out. Check out all the new and updated goodies.

Read more about new features and enhancements of SAP HANA SPS 06

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