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James Lowry wins Humourous Speech Competition

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ACS Toastmasters Club (Sydney) eNews October 2013 - Issue 22

Division Speech Contest: Richard Nott wins 2nd Prize in Table Topics!

Terri DittmanCongratulations to Richard Nott for his success representing our club as runner up in the Central Division Table Topics contest against stiff competition, after winning the area contest earlier this month.

The topic was "A busy person always has time" and after Richard listed all his activities all could see that he was a perfect example of this!

We were proud to be photographed with Richard holding his hard won certificate on the day!

Best Wishes,

Terri Dittman
Vice President Public Relations

Navin UttamMember Profile:
Dirk Schneider
About me :
  • "Before moving to Australia this year I worked as a technical project manager on large banking post merger integration projects in Austria and Germany.
  • In Australia I have just started working as a manager for a big technology consulting company.
  • I love spending my time outdoors and have many hobbies such as flying airplanes, sailing, diving and hiking.
  • In addition I read a lot about a wide range of topics."
Goals and Achievements :  
  • Within Toastmasters:
    "So far I've completed my first three speeches and became the club secretary."
  • Outside of Toastmasters:
    "During the last 10 years I have travelled to more than 40 different countries, which has greatly enriched my life."
Favourite Quotes:
  • “There are only two big decisions in life, where you’re going, and who you’re going to take with you."
  • "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away - Shing Xiong."
Best sources for knowledge :
  • Safari books / A digital flatrate for technology books
  • TED / Lots of fascinating and inspiring videos
  • Zinio / A great source for digital magazines." 

Resources of the Week:

What we did last meeting:

  • On October 15th : 
  • Azadeh gave us some excellent travel tips based on her recent experience that could save us money and ensure an enjoyable trip!
  • Dirk conducted a lively Table Topics session by asking us to imagine what we would say if we were sitting in First Class on a flight with esteemed company such as Warren Buffet, Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

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