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Whether Australia will ever rid itself of red imported fire ants is hanging in the balance, with state and federal ministers expected to make a final decision on funding in February next year. 

What's at stake if they fail to come up with the required funding? I'll be in Brisbane December 5 to explain at my talk 'Into the Heart of Fire Ant Country', so if you're in town make sure you book your free ticket.

During the presentation I'll show some powerful interviews I recorded while on my fire ant fact-finding mission in the US, where I discovered what it's like to live in a land infested by highly aggressive red fire ants.

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Andrew Cox, CEO.


Fire ant forum: Crunch time for eradication battle

What would it be like living in an Australia overrun by infestations of red fire ants? Our CEO Andrew Cox will give a powerful presentation in Brisbane next month of the repurcussions if we fail to eradicate this hidden menace.


Australia draws up battle plans for Brisbane’s fire ant menace

Earlier this month experts from across the country and overseas gathered in Brisbane to formulate the first ever national plan for invasive ants in Australia.



NSW overhaul of weed and feral animal management

Management of feral animals and weeds in NSW is about to get a major shake-up, and we need your help in making sure the protection of the natural environment isn't left off the drawing board.


First environmental biosecurity forum creates hope

The creation of a new national body geared towards preparing Australia for future environmental invasions and a program to protect our islands from invasive species are just two ideas thrown up at the first ever environmental biosecurity forum.



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