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Why hello there! Nice to see you again! Gosh, it just seems like yesterday we were having a chat and yet here we are again, busting with more news and more games!

Firstly, we want to introduce a new member to our playful team. We're thrilled to have Marlena Martins as our new Developmental Play Coordinator. Marlena is an educator with a background in performing arts and will be running our kids and schools games department. You can see her in the above banner on the right, celebrating Jess and Adelle's win at Mont Trottoir. That's the kind of awesome lady she is. So if you're part of a school or after school care group and you'd like us to come play fun, educational, and developmental games with your kids, drop us a line and have a chat with Marlena.

We are sad to announce that our wonderful Administrator, Jaye Erin Cook, is leaving us. Jaye has been with us since This Is A Door and we thank her for her invaluable contribution to helping us build Pop Up Playground so far. We wish her well in her future adventures!

Now sit back, maybe in front of a heater, and have a read of our lovely newsletter, handmade especially for you...

Upcoming events...

The League of Extraordinary Nations

A New Game by Pop Up Playground

Nuked up tin-pot dictators, ego maniacal madman and intergalactic super villains are all just a day’s work for The League of Extraordinary Nations.

Protecting the earth from evil through reasoned debate, careful planning, bureaucracy and consensus since 1976.

Players are ambassadors to the League of Extraordinary Nations and must outwit the Super Villain du jour to foil their nefarious plans for world domination.

The League of Extraordinary Nations is a large-scale conversation game of suspense, cliché and hilarity.

Will you work together to achieve world peace (like the real UN) or will suspicion turn you against each other out in the hour of earth’s greatest need.

7:30 start
Sun 30th June, Monday 1st July
Carlton Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC
$10 to play
Bookings through Try Booking:

Image from:

No Controller, No Board: Pervasive Games and Play - PAX Australia panel

Dr Christy Dena checking the sight on her Tech Assault Laser Skirmish rifle

Are you heading along to PAX Australia this year? Because Pop Up Playground, along with some of the other playful peeps in Melbourne, are doing a panel at PAX Australia.

No Controller, No Board: Pervasive Games and Play

A new games movement is taking shape around the world: games played in public spaces without screens or dice. Sometimes using technology, sometimes without any props at all, pervasive games provide immersive and compelling experiences in the real world - from zombie survival to uncovering secret societies and being cursed by creepy clowns. Join some local designers for an exploration of this newest, and yet oldest, kind of game.

Panelists include:

Dr. Christy Dena
[Director, Universe Creation 101]
Harry Lee
[Game Designer, Wanderlands]
Sayraphim Lothian
[Curator and Maker, Pop Up Playground]
Ben McKenzie
[Game Mechanic, Pop Up Playground]
Robert Reid
[Artistic Director, Pop Up Playground]
Lee (Mako) Weller
[Creator and Owner, Tech Assault]

No Controller, No Board: Pervasive Games and Play
July 19
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
PAX Skippy Theatre,
Royal Melbourne Showgrounds

Next two playtests

We're have two more playtests coming up over the next two months - come play the newest of the new games by Pop Up Playground.

22nd June, 27th July
10 am - 5pm

310-314 Church Street, Richmond.

Come play and help us finish these games off.

Email us at to let us know you're coming, or to let us know if you're interested in bringing one of your own games to try out on our playful gathering.

Also, we'll gladly receive any gold coin donations to help us pay for the space hire.
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Catching up...

May playtest

At the end of May we had the first in the current round of playtests in Richmond. We had a group of dedicated play enthusiasts head on in to help us understand our newly developed games better, by which we mean that we explained the new games and they got to play them to see how they went.

One of the things we love about playtests is the playtesters help us develop the games, by playing, understanding and then suggesting other solutions or ways of playing. It's an invaluable process for us and a fun process for the players.

We played a few tried and true games to warm up, including a few rounds of Wushu Party Popper, which is a whatever-you-have-to-hand modification of Turtle Wushu. We have also, in the past, played Wushu Dinosaur, which works better if you manage something solid and four-legged, like a stegosaurus rather than a more wobbly, two-legged type like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These are the types of things you learn when playing games…

We then moved on to new Pop Up Playground games including The C Team and Office Wars, then finished up by testing out Fire Hazard‘s (UK) new game design kit Run Screaming, from which we designed the game Rainbow Running.

There's a number of quite awesome photos on the website here.

We've got two more playtests coming up, we'd love to have your playful input! See the left hand column for details.


W00t - Copenhagen Festival of Play

On May 25th and 26th, the awesome Chad Toprak was over at w00t the games festival run by the Copenhagen Games Collective. He was there to present a talk - Exertion Games and Unconventional Play Spaces, to play some games and to run a couple of ours, namely Pudding Lane, Hummingbirdman Rally and Pop Up Playground's School of Modern Dance.

Chad is wending his way back as you read this, popping into a few other countries before finally landing back on our shores with tales of his adventures and photos of the festival. We can't wait! But for now, we've borrowed Tommy Rousse's photo of people playing Modern Dance, and check out the amazing shoes that were made for the festival! Below, there's also a great photo of Chad hard at work carving the shoes.

Above image from Tommy Rousse. Hiw collection of w00t festival photos can be found here (including some great shots of Serious Business' Gobstopper Job)
Below photo from here.
Volunteer Anastasia Ryan proudly showing off her Dr Madazpants critter from Fresh Air, '13

Want to help out?

We're always looking for new people to help us make and run games, new players to play the games, new volunteers to help make our events run smoothly and as always, new games to play.

Want to help us out?

If you'd like to help run games or events, if you're interested in learning more about game design, if you'd like to help us run the box office, information booth or are just a willing volunteer, we'd love to hear from you! Email us using the buttons on the right and introduce yourself!
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