Howdy there playful peeps!

How has your four day weekend been? We've had a lovely time, having a bit of a break - watching some nostalgic films (honestly, how good is the original Tron? Apart from all the crap bits, obviously), eating food, finding an egg or two, it's been fun. But we're back at it now, thinking about games, designing games, playing games and organsing games for you guys to play.

We've got a bunch of things that are still being organised and therefore are still top secret (don't worry, we'll be releasing all the info soon!), but there are a few awesome things that are coming up we can let you know about, so grab a cuppa and a bit o' chocolate (unless you can't fit any more in) and have a bit of a read of the following...

Upcoming Events...

Sydney playful workshop

So we're REALLY excited to announce our first Sydney event! We're heading up to UNSW on Saturday 20 April for an all day workshop which will be open to the public!

We'll be playing some small games and some bigger games, watching our documentary and there'll be some short (but fun) talks from our Artistic Director Robert Reid, our Constructive Communities Director Sayraphim Lothian and our Game Mechanic Ben McKenzie about what we do, why we do it and how we do what we do.

Booking is through us - let us know you're coming! That way, when we get final confirmation of the building/room number we can let you know... email to book in.

If you're in Sydney, we'd love to see you there, and if you're not in Sydney but know some people who might be interested, by all means let them know!

Details are:
Venue: UNSW, High St  Kensington
Date: Saturday April 20
Time: 10 - 4
Cost: free!
Invited: everyone!

Photo by Rob Young

W00t - Copenhagen play festival

Pop Up Playground will be running a couple of games at w00t - the Copenhagen Play Festival, on the 25 and 26 May. One of our good friends, who also moonlights as one of our game runners, Chad Toprak (pictured above with his Madazpants critter from Fresh Air) will be representing us in Denmark. Chad will be helping players save the city from the Great Fire of London in Pudding Lane and encouraging people to work with the science of flight in Hummingbirdman Rally.

Board Game giveaway!

We've got a give away! We make it a rule to buy games from op shops and play them to understand their mechanics. If you're a budding game designer, we encourage you to do the same!

Sometimes we keep the games but sometimes we don't. So here we have a small pile of games we no longer want. Be warned - they come from op shops, so two of the games are missing pieces, but still they've got some interesting rules and they're perfect if you're interesting in modifying existing games.

So there's:
Wise and Otherwise
Opus Dei
TATE Art Collector
Man Bites Dog
Werewolf cards
Trivial Pursuit - Bet You Know (missing poker chips but not the cards)
Impromptu (missing game pieces but not the cards)

First in wins the game/s, just let us know which ones you want!

Catching up...

The Whispering Society

The Whispering Society, our game for White Night Melbourne, was a massive success. We had between 1500 and 2000 people through over the 12 hours.

We got some truly beautiful (and some incredibly heart-breaking!) stories from players about the ghosts and spirits they discovered during the game and by an almost 2 to 1 majority the newly initiated members voted to keep the society secret.

In light of this decision, our writer in residence, Emilie Collyer, has written the next chapter of The Whispering Society, Tipping Point, which you can read here.

You can check out photos from the night here but we can't resist including one of our favourites in the newsletter - Madeline Anderson holding court to over 100 players in the incredible Queen's Hall in the State Library of Victoria.


We recently debuted a new game called Genome at the Arup’s Melbourne Penguin Pool. Players are genetic scientists racing to see who can most completely map the Human Genome first. The ultimate aim of Genome is to get players to introduce themselves to as many other people at the event as possible and also to collect as many business cards as possible.

We'd like to announce that Rusty and Simone (pictured) were our winners, mapping the human genome almost completely. Congrats to them, and all our hardworking genetic scientists.

You can see some more photos from the night here.
Game Mechanic Ben McKenzie with game runner Adelle Lin.
Photo by Sarah Walker

Want to help out?

We're always looking for new people to help us make and run games, new players to play the games, new volunteers to help make our events run smoothly and as always, new games to play.

Want to help us out?

If you'd like to help run games or events, if you're interested in learning more about game design, if you'd like to help us run the box office, information booth or are just a willing volunteer, we'd love to hear from you! Email us using the buttons on the right and introduce yourself!
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